August 12, 2009

WRITING is an EVIDENCE and HERITAGE of Feelings and Thought

       We are thinking on Circassia, sociality, future, memories, families, victories, ... etc, and speaking about them. Today nearly every Circassian Diaspora and (probably in Circassia) the main talking point is something about Circassia and Circassians. Probably my grandparents who could only speak in their mother language, and who were in the real traditional Circassian sociality (I mean their language was -not sometimes but always- Circassian tribal language, they were wearing traditional Circassian clothes, their neighbours were Circassian families.. etc) had lots of memories, stories, ideas, advises ... etc. But I don't know well about them. Why? The answer is quite simple “THEY WERE NOT WRITTEN”.

       All kind of materials, especially the written ones, are really very important for us (young generation) to be able to find an answer to the questions who we were and are, where we were coming and where and when we must go. Sometimes even a single black-and-white picture can completely change our lives. That can be a spark of thinking for above questions, which is probably the first step. 

       Our long and glorious history and ancestors, unfortunately didn't (maybe “couldn't”) produce enough written materials to learn and understand them. This kind of materials are really few and nearly all of them were written by other nations not Circassians. Today we know the Circassian history form the view of an American, France, German, British, Russian, .. etc. We really don't know our ancestors own feelings and reasons during the wars and exile. But, Why? The answer is again quite simple “THEY DIDN'T WRITE IT!”.

       Today there are not thousands but hundreds of websites on Circassia. Study these websites carefully, you will see that nearly all of their materials are same. The graphic designs are different but the materials are same. I mean there are ten or twenty written materials about Circassian Genocide and nothing more. The number of these materials were are not increasing day by day. Find the original one and download and upload somewhere, nothing more. Today if you want to learn new Circassian generations opinions on any subject, you should find them and ask one by one. Because, although our ancestors had some excuses and we don't have, “WE DON'T WRITE ANYTHING”.

       If you say no, then please tell me, “How many poems, stories, songs, articles, books ... etc anything are there on Circassia produced by Circassian new generations. The language is not very important, just say the number. Our children in schools write more than thousands poems, articles, paintings on deforestration, environmental problems, heroes, the importance of reading, health .. etc. But what about the deforestration in Circassian where forest and tree always were the best friends of us and what about our Circassian heroes. Why didn't our children and we write on them?

       To sum up, I want to hear songs, read articles, see paintings, touch statues on and about Circassia in all different countries of diaspora and in their own languages. Have you ever heart a song in France telling us the peaceful valleys and mountains of Circassia? Have you ever read an article in Turkish written about the problems of Diaspora by 13 or 14 years old young man? Did you have a chance of seeing an Arabic film on Circassian Genocide? Probably, your answer is mostly “NO” unfortunately. As I have said before, these are all together an evidence of our feelings and thoughts which will be THE BEST GIFT OF US TO THE NEXT CIRCASSIAN GENERATIONS AND US. And THE FUTURE OF A NATION CAN NOT BE ENTRUSTED TO WEAK HUMAN MEMORIES.

Sincerely yours,

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