August 6, 2009


     To be a Nation is declared to be the "only" solution of all Circassian problems by different ogranizations and politicians these days. And it is getting a growing support by Circassian people, especially by young ones. It is offered as a shining star in cloudy dark blue Circassian sky. And videos and articles (whose main motto is "A NATION") are uploading to the different popular Circassian based websites. Everything on this motto seems to be logical and necessary. And some Europen (even some Russian) writers, politicians and journalists are also suporting this idea. But, they are ignoring one fact, the Circassian people and Circassia.

     What I mean is without having enough knowledge on Circassian history, Diaspora, their culture.. etc. this idea can be offered and thought to be "only" solution which will certainly fail to materialize. If our ancestors had been volunteer to forget their language and culture to be a nation, they would have been a part of Russia and they wouldn't have fought against the Russians and not been forced to move and in this way they could have been a nation, a Russian nation. But, they didn't choose this way, and they fought to death to save their language, culture, traditions, the most important one for their honour.

     To be a nation means, one language will annihilate the orher ones. I mean a (single) Circassian language will annihilate the other Circassian languages. Also with their annihilateed languges, their culture and tradition will be forgetten. And as probably nobody would be eager to lose their language, they would be forced to obey. So groups or nations would struggle not to be annihilated. And as a result, the blood of Circassians and their struggle would spread through all the Circassian mountains and valleys. The ones in power would explain this to be unavoidable results on the way of being a Nation. If you really think these are true, then let the Russians do. They are trying to do the same thing, with the same motto and in the same way for at least to ages.

     None of the tribes in Circassia will accept to lose their differences. These differences are our power. These differences are our history and these differences are Circassia.

     So here is the solution. A "Unity" of Independent Circassia, where every tribe can live and show differences in peace, which was tried to be taken and which has not been achieved by Russians up to now. The words "UNITY" and "A (SINGLE)" must be discussed by the Circassians not by the other nations. This is our future so "we", "not the others" must decide this future, and the road map for the unity of Circassians. As an Ubykh people living in diaspora and wish to live in Circassia oneday I will - I promise- never let my culture and traditions, my ancestors names and everything related with Ubykh people to be sacrificed by the name of anything. And all the ideas and suggestions without the Ubykh people will be -naturally- failed.



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