August 7, 2009

Where is the Ubykh STAR?

      The Abkhasian government invited not only Abkhasians in diaspora but also Ubykhs to live in Abkhasia. Thanks for their kind invitation. We were neighbours once, and I hope we will be neighbour in the near future again. Also other Circassian governments sometimes make similar come back announcements to all Circassians in Diaspora. But nobody invites us to Soçi, where there were Ubykh's villages and memories.

     There are some flags on websites. One of them was the Flag of the Republic which lasted two years, and which is known as the only recognized union during long history of Circassia. And in this flag, there are seven stars which are said to be represent seven main tribes living in Circassia. And this flag is offered as the flag of unity and independence in Circassia. But, what happened to the other stars? For example, where is the star which represents the Ubykh people and tribe? 

    I think my ancestors and their grandsons and grandaughters have a right to see a shining star of Ubykh people in this flag. They fought, wounded and nearly half of them died. They were even the leader during the big war for a short time. Just for this reason the biggest anger of the enemies were upon them. They were so brave, and stubborn that they are said to be the last tribe who surrendered to Russians.

     To be forgotton is really a bad feeling but to be forgetton by your neighbours and their new generation is really awful. So, please don't forget the real owners of Soçi and their new generation. Don't forget our famous Ubykh leaders' names, because they didn't die to be forgotton.


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