August 11, 2009

UNITY is more important than INDEPENDENCE

     Long Circassian History is generally a story of self-victories. We have more heroes than any other known nations. You can see this clear known fact in nearly all historian books -mainly European and Ottoman, and even in Russian history books. To able to hear good words from your main enemy is a great honur which all deserve but only some get.

     In our community, the wish of "individual freedom" - in other words "self resistance to obedience" seen in every life of a Circassian people. They mainly think on existing social rules (sometimes even laws), and mostly critisize them bravely if needed. They try to create different sometimes marginal unknown and not-discussed-yet solutions to known problems. And they express their suggestion of solution to their community clearly and immediately. Because of that we have lots of politicians, soldiers, poets, writers, historians like other nations, but ours are always very famous  and play and played very important roles in the country they are in. For example, in this country the ex-president and one of the ex-Chief of General Staff and Prime Minister are belong to different Circassian families. 

     There are probaly two reasons causes this success; the loyalty to their country and the wish of individual freedom. The more high-ranked you are, the less orders you get. And they do and did this. This feeling is so powerful that the motivation of reaching the top makes them dedicated to their work with an unbelievable self-discipline, and harworking personalities and give them the power of struggling difficulties. These are all great. 

     Only another Circassian who has the similiar qualities of personality - generally most of the Circassians have - can be a real rival to a Circassian man, which is generally the beginning of a struggle between rivals. This always causes the great amount of energy, money and time. It doesn't matter who is right or not, or who is the winner or not, always the loser is the Circassian community. 

     Tribes also have and shove similiar characteristics. But this time the struggle is not between two people or groups, but between tribes. So, the result is more destructive for us. You can read such kind of stories in all Circassian history. This made them weaker against the foreign attacks in the past and at last they exiled and live in different parts of the world with a passion of coming back homeland one day. 

     As a result, the blody fightings and even wars between brother tribes are waiting impatiently as happened lots of times in the past if we couldn't find urgently a -firstly- peaceful and then more peaceful way(s) to discuss our problems and opinions and establish a cooperation - based on mutual-respect- aiming the UNITY of Circassia. Only then we can live again one more time in our green Circassian mountains in safe - which -I believe- will happen in the near future.

     Nobody can reach the high top of the mountain of INDEPENDENCE by himself/herself, "we", "not I" can achieve it by ourselves - TOGETHER. The UNITY of Circassia will -naturally- cause the INDEPENDENCE of Circassia.

     With the best wishes for the UNITY of Circassia,


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