August 2, 2009


During the long and bloody history of Circassia, many families, tribes forced to immigrate or exiled to the different parts of the world.

Today most of them live in Turkey. But also they live in Jordan, Israel, U.S.A., Canada, England, France, Spain, Holland .... etc. You can find lots of websites on or by Circassian People. Although you can't understand some languages - as really different foreign languages are spoken, mainly Turkisk, Russian, Arabic, English, French ..etc - Pictures, songs, maps and of course the flags with 12 stars on show us there there are Circassian people there and try to do something for Circassia.

But, none of them has a global power. So if you are an English speaker and want to find your friends or cousins in Circassia generally this is impossible. And if you live in Circassia and you want find your friends, cousins, again this is impossible for you to find something in English websites.

So as a result we need good historians, linguistics, politicians, a powerful leader .. But the most important one we need is good translators, who will be a bridge between these families living in different parts of the world and wanting to cooperate and communicate with each other in impatience.

It can be a bit funny, or too simple but it is true. The United Circassia will be established by not warriors, businessman, politicians, outers .. etc but by translators.


Kenugi James

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