August 1, 2009

The Problem of Lack of Organization

The Circassian History is certainly a rich one which goes beyond to the beginning of the world. In this respect, there are a lot of documents on this history with the view of Europe and America. Especially after 1990s, there is an increasing interest on this subject. The number of articles, and the numbe rof people who are more interested in this subject are inreasing day by day. The Circassian Diaspora and motherland people are naturally giving a response to this interest. Today when you search the word "Kafkasya ("Circassia" in Turkish)" in the google search engine, you get 1.050.000 results (I tested a few minutes ago). And this search is done in Turkish. If you write "Circassia" you get 82.400 results. And I am sure when you search in other languages, you will probably get huge numbers like this.

From the other side, the circassian languages are really a great treasure. If you search "Kafkasya dil ("Circassia language" in Turkish) you get 343.000 results. If you search "Circassia language", the result is 65.300. I couldn't find time to search in different languages.

The searches above doesn't include all the words related with Circassia, like Circassian, The Mountains of Circassia, The Circassian Geography ... etc. Even the result of "Circassian Dog (which the Georgians are trying to claim to be the owner of these days and which is tought to be the second biggest dog in the world)" has more than 112.000.

The results and the numbers above just show the numbers of the e-materials transferred into web. I haven't even mentioned that there are also lots of books, maps and letters and any documents in libraries and archieves.

And these are the information resources need to be researched and read and learnt. And then we must compile and produce new materials, articles a book (may be). Maybe this producement can even be a painting, a song, sculpture .. etc.

As a result there are lot of subjects and resources need to be seen, and we have a limited life time which is a necessity of a fleeting humanbeing. Beyond slogans, a friendly chat and sentiency if we want to do something we must establish a well-organized civil RESEARCH, LEARN and TEACH group or groups. It is nearly impossible for a single man to learn deeply and in detail the Geography, History, Painting, Language, Linguistics, Computer, Graphics, Literature ...etc. We, the new Circassian Generation are trying to do this which causes the creation of impossible goals to be reach and which breaks our motivation of study and learn.

So here is the Suggestion;

1-To create RESEARCH teams.

2-To create PUBLISHER teams

3-To create ASSESTMENT teams.

4-To create COMMUNICATION teams to find and gather all the Oubykh people in the world.

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