August 4, 2009

Is "TRADE" still a "SHAME"?

In old documents and traditions, it is stated that "Trading is thought to be a shame and none of the tribes in Circassia trade". One of the big and main problems of Circassian Future is the need of "MONEY". Only a few of us are really successful on Business. We are good soldiers - a fact proved during our bloody his of us and also proved by the successful high rank soldiers in Diaspora, but also we are really bad traders. I think as we have no interest in trade and as a result of this as we haven't got a trade tradition and history, only a few us tried and are trying this sector and most of their efforts unfortunately ended with failure.

But this is a contradiction these days. We have a high potential. Why? Because, as our people dispersaled and as our people live nearly in every vital parts of the world, if our people, traders, can communicate well with each other, they can establish a very very powerful trading community. Even in trade, Circassian people are really trustworthy, which means that as a Circassian people you can find easily reliable partners in different cities, countries and even in different continents.

As a humanbeing we need clothes, houses, computers, sometimes somewhere to go on holiday .. etc. Then why don't we choose our Circassian Traders products? Why don't we support our traders? Rich traders will make their families rich and powerful, these rich families will make their community rich and strong. And you see, that community is Circassian Community.

"Money" is and was always important during the history for all nations. But for us, it has vital importance these days when people want to go back homeland and which needs huge amounts of money for each person.


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