August 23, 2010

Language is the big BRANCH of UNITY

Circassia is one of the most mountanious area of the world. Even today to go somewhere is difficult without using the old roads. People live in different parts of these mountanious areas.

Since the old times, these roads were the only places for people to go or come somewhere. Today because of some known reasons the population is rare but not the Circassian languages. Although some of the languages, like the Ubykh language is not spoken anymore, there are still a lot of Circassian languages. Unfortunately not only in diaspora but also in the motherland young generations don't prefer their native languages for communication especially with the other tribes. The Russian is --unfortunately-- the main spoken language through the Circassian tribes, countries.

People think with words. Words are derived from life styles. Shortly, words and languages are oral forms of lifestyles. If you speak a foreign language for a long time, admit or not in time, you begin to live that languages lifestyle.

Young Circassians -- to be able to communicate with each other or to be able find a good job --prefer the most spoken language, The Russian.

This gave them a good advantage. In this way they can listen and understand other tribes' young men and women. They can find good jobs. They can read and write more. Especially for the ones who wants to have a good education, to know Russian has a vital importance.

But also they began to live Russian language lifestyle in time. This is not a shame for any of us. This must be changed but this is not shameful. We, the ones living in Diaspora also know very well second-homes' languages well. This is the fate I think. Not the desired one but this is a fate.

Today if I want to say something to homeland as a general saying, I must say in Russian or English. Otherwise I have to say the same thing in different tribal languages for a few times. I mean if you write an article in one tribal language, you must translate (NOT WRITE) the same thing for other tribes. This is really difficult. Because of which, homeland use Russian in education, we use Turkish, The American and European residents use English, the ones in the Middle East use Arabic ... etc.

So without losing the minor languages, we must choose one of the Circassian languages as a basic and common one. Maybe just for education or literature. And we must do this right now. English, Russian, Turkish or Arabic can not be the main language in Circassia.

Every word in a language has --known or not-- a story. When we speak a language we tell stories of that language and olds to each other. I want to tell Circassian stories, not the Russian ones.

Sincerely yours,
Kenugi J. UBYKH

August 22, 2010

The People Looking for Freedom

Every of us, it doesn't matter where we live, all of us, without any exception deeply need freedom. We want to be free like eagles in the sky, like wolfs in the forests. We want the freedom of coming back homeland, as a Circassian speaking Circassian language.

Every Circassian more or less miss his/her homeland. Sometimes we have dreams of riding a white horse through the Circassian Mountains, especially the Mountain Elbruz, by wearing traditional Circassian Clothes and weapons. Even these dreams make us happy like a little child. And some of us, crazy ones (!) hopes these dreams to be true. Even some of those crazy ones (nearly 1500 people) make their dreams true. Not only you need some money to come homeland, but also you have to know the language, Russian. Why do I have to learn the language, which my ancestors died not to learn? It is completely a stupid situation.

We exiled because we don't want to live with Russians .. etc. We want to live by ourselves by speaking our language on our soils, mountains. At least we were exiled because we didn't want to live as a Russian. Today still they want us to know and to speak Russian lanuage to come homeland. I have never heard any olds who know Russian language, Although they were in war for long years, as far as I know, none of them tried to learn Russian language.

When I wanted to learn the legal needs to come homeland, I saw such a long list that I was really horrified. Especially the requirement, to know Russian language. To learn a new FOREIGN LANGUAGE is really very precious. Especially the English and Russian language. The first one is for communicating with the rest of the world. The second one is may be to learn our history in the eyes of Russian historians. (The Russians write the history (mostly wrong) more than us --unfortunately--.) But to learn a foreign language should be just a choise not a requirement of living somewhere (especially at homeland). I think this is very shamefull. I can learn the Russian language in a very short time, but I won't because I still have the freedom of not knowing the Russian language.

As a summary, I want the freedom of living homeland by not knowing any Russian word or rule. I want the freedom of choosing or not to learn a foreign language (IF THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IS THOUGHT TO BE A FOREIGN LANGUAGE).

Having great respect to ones who still think that THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE is a FOREIGN LANGUAGE,
Kenugi J. UBYKH.

August 20, 2010

Union can only be constituted in the MOTHERLAND

We, Circassians have been living in different parts of the world. Not only we are living in different parts, but also these parts have made our community small parts.

Circassians living in Turkey think and behave as Circassians, but also as Turks. Because, we think Turkey as our second home, so we want to protect and maintain welfare of our second home.

Circassians living in Jordan think and behave as Circassians, but also as Jordans. Because, we think Jordan as our second home, so we want to protect and maintain welfare of our second home.

Circassians living in America think and behave as Circassians, but also as Americans. Because, we think U.S.A. as our second home, so we want to protect and maintain welfare of our second home.

Circassians living in Europe think and behave as Circassians, but also as Europeans. Because, we think Europe as our second home, so we want to protect and maintain welfare of our second home.


To think and behave as Circassians make our community an international power, which will take us to our homeland and maintain peace there. We have very different friendships from other countries. We even contribute the peace between our second homes. We get and take emails, messages, presents ... etc. With the great help of technology we can even make projects together.

Our second homes and their needs make us small parts, which may cause sometimes serious conflicts. As happened in the crisis between Israel and Turkey. Circassians in Israel and Turkey tried to prove their country. Everybody tried to save and protect their second homes.

After years even the term 'CIRCASSIAN' means different things according to country you live. Even the meaning of this term is being discussed harshly. So what? What's happening? We don't live together. We don't wear the same things, the languages are really different from each other. We don't watch the same TV Programs... etc. As a result we don't live in the same way. So, we don't think in the same way, on the same things. As a result, on the way of the homeland, discussions are always existed.

There must be only one aim (in my opinion); COME BACK TO HOMELAND. The rest will be --of course-- discussed deeply and in different ways, but while living together and thinking on the same things.

Hope to see you there.
Kenugi J. UBYKH

May 23, 2010

21 May 1864

Nobody cares but only a few people being aware of their culture and having loyalty to their ancestors try to organize demonstrations. In their traditional clothes and with green flags in their hands are walking and shouting through the streets. This nation, Circassians lost their candle in a deep and dark cave. They have been looking for it for generations. It is like looking or swearing through the darkness. Every year the amount of people taking place in these demonstrations are increasing, but they are still a few considering the number of people in diaspora.

Nobody cares but they are walking by shouting. They are protesting what? They say they are protesting the exile and genocide of Circassian people. They want the Russians admit their ancestors' fault. In a real modern world human-beings care even a single demonstrator. But, we are not living and never lived in a modern world, unfortunately. Our world is not green anymore, they call it as global heating, but I call it as Global Savagery. The world must be called as the Red Planet not Green.

Nobody cares but they are still holding meetings on Circassian people's pain. Every year in the 21 of May, in different parts of diaspora they goes on their annual meetings. They are trying to make hear their voice. Because of why they shout.

Nobody cares but they care and they try to get others to care what happened to their ancestors. They want to inform people about the pain of being grandsons and daughters of a exiled and demolished nation. The banners in their hands shows the great sorrows of their grandfathers and mothers. All the demonstrators just hope this years' to be different than former year. They do much but still these demonstrations are still too weak and far away getting attention of people.

They are looking for a candle (their lost people) in the deep dark cave (modern world), and they are walking and holding meetings for protesting (not only Russians but also their people who are in deep sleep for generations). Every year on 21 of May they try to be got their voice heart by not only Russians but also by their nation. They protest not only being cared by nobody but also not cared even by their nation.

The activities are better than the former years and I hope next years' will be better. The world forget the date, 21 May 1864, The year of EXILE AND GENOCIDE. But, we don't. Because, it is still bleeding and the water in the rivers of the Black Sea flowing still red.

Sincerely Yours,
Kenugi J. UBYKH

March 17, 2010

Our Dear Motherland

Our culture is belong to motherland and only there it can survive. So we need there. Culture is based on customs and customs are based on habits. And habits are formed by mostly natural environment. That's why Africans wear thin clothes, and their language has lots of names of animals and plants. You don't have to be quick while going somewhere. Because, it is too hot. You have to do your jobs in the dawn if you don't want to work under the boiling tempature of the sun. So waking up early is a habit there. And this also causes lots of habits done during the early hours of the day.

Once we were there, there was mostly cold especially the highlands. So we wore thick clothes to protect ourselves from cold weather. We had to carry weapons to protect themselves against the wild animals and human enemies to be able to survive. We had to be respected for our olds because they were the only vast source of experience which is vital as a way of gathering information for youngs. We had to have a fast horse to follow our enemies or run away from somewhere. Our dances and the rhythms are mostly fast, because it was cold. The land was difficult to cultivate and we ate fruits and we gave a great importance to fruit trees. Because, it was the most plentiful source of food. During winter nights and days, there weren't much work to do, that's why our meetings were done then. We were waiting long winter nights to tell old stories or to make conversations, which were the only suitable time for the highlanders. Our ancestors survived for generations on the difficult circumstances of the high lands for thousands years. Those valleys and mountains and the creatures gave us some habits like a gift from the creator. These habits built our customs. And they made us. That's why all the Circassians folks are familiar to each other and we are the daughters and sons of the same father and mother.

New technologies has changed the needs and dependencies. We can go to market and buy whatever we want without waiting the proper season for the fruits or anything else. We have warm, comfortable cars now. So our clothes are thinner than before. But we are heavier than before because a car can carry us. It doesn't matter how heavy we are. We are workers and factories run during the winters, too. So there are less conversations than before. We all have to wake up early. So this was the end of the famous joyful long meetings of Circassians.

First a habit and then others changed, which changed our customs and those change us. We were forced to immigrate so we lost some of our habits. And with the technological developments and a new style of living in the modern world we are losing the rest. We are not real Circassians anymore, we can only be called as a modern Circassian people, whose clothes, customs, stories, language ... etc are completely different from our ancestors.

Coming back to our lands probably won't make us as we were once. But, at least we may lose slower and we can mourn for the things taken mercileslly from us.

Sincerely yours,
Kenugi J. UBYKH

January 10, 2010

The Ubykh Flag

If you are looking for the Ubykh flag forget it. I think it is not exist. Most of the Circassian tribes are famous for their flag but unfortunately we don't have. But WE can.

It can be sound as a crazy idea but not. If we are really Ubykh people, then we have the right to create an Ubykh flag. It is not very complicated, difficult or impossible. Just create one and use it.

If the big war hadn't happened, and we would have been living in the Circassia, wouldn't we create one? So what is the difference?

We are still trying to find something in the history. And they are really great and valuable. I am in great respect who are doing such kind of things as a scientist or self-dedicated volunteers. But at least up to now they are not sufficient. So what should we do? Must we just wait for generations, or will we have generations to wait something like that? So we must be quick and come together. We must do something urgently. It doesn't matter right or wrong but we must do something urgently.

We must construct an Ubykh community. As we divided and goes on our lives in different parts of the world, at first this can be done in the Internet and then real world. We can try to review our language. We can support each other in every parts of life. We had a great chance in this respect, LOVE and LOYALTY. In spite of long years in different parts of the world, still when I met a new Ubykh people, we are getting closer as if we were friends for thousands of year. You can always feel love of the Ubykh people everywhere. And of course LOYALTY to our ancestors and our lands. They care each other and Circassia more than any other Circassian tribes.

As a result, we must come together urgently and goes on our lives as Ubykh people. We must establish a leading group and do something together. As much I can say WE, I will always try to establish a community.

Sincerely yours
Kenugi J. UBYKH