August 22, 2010

The People Looking for Freedom

Every of us, it doesn't matter where we live, all of us, without any exception deeply need freedom. We want to be free like eagles in the sky, like wolfs in the forests. We want the freedom of coming back homeland, as a Circassian speaking Circassian language.

Every Circassian more or less miss his/her homeland. Sometimes we have dreams of riding a white horse through the Circassian Mountains, especially the Mountain Elbruz, by wearing traditional Circassian Clothes and weapons. Even these dreams make us happy like a little child. And some of us, crazy ones (!) hopes these dreams to be true. Even some of those crazy ones (nearly 1500 people) make their dreams true. Not only you need some money to come homeland, but also you have to know the language, Russian. Why do I have to learn the language, which my ancestors died not to learn? It is completely a stupid situation.

We exiled because we don't want to live with Russians .. etc. We want to live by ourselves by speaking our language on our soils, mountains. At least we were exiled because we didn't want to live as a Russian. Today still they want us to know and to speak Russian lanuage to come homeland. I have never heard any olds who know Russian language, Although they were in war for long years, as far as I know, none of them tried to learn Russian language.

When I wanted to learn the legal needs to come homeland, I saw such a long list that I was really horrified. Especially the requirement, to know Russian language. To learn a new FOREIGN LANGUAGE is really very precious. Especially the English and Russian language. The first one is for communicating with the rest of the world. The second one is may be to learn our history in the eyes of Russian historians. (The Russians write the history (mostly wrong) more than us --unfortunately--.) But to learn a foreign language should be just a choise not a requirement of living somewhere (especially at homeland). I think this is very shamefull. I can learn the Russian language in a very short time, but I won't because I still have the freedom of not knowing the Russian language.

As a summary, I want the freedom of living homeland by not knowing any Russian word or rule. I want the freedom of choosing or not to learn a foreign language (IF THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IS THOUGHT TO BE A FOREIGN LANGUAGE).

Having great respect to ones who still think that THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE is a FOREIGN LANGUAGE,
Kenugi J. UBYKH.

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