August 25, 2009

Is it really difficult to learn Ubykh language?

This language is said to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. Especially its phonetic is known to be one of the most difficult one. Because, it has lots of consonants some of which are said to be not exist in any other known languages. But is it really so? I mean is it really nearly impossible to utter these sounds? I don't think so.

The researches on Ubykh vocabulary and grammar structure has been nearly completed. Thanks to the great workers of the World Culture. I don't want to mention about how this language is recorded or its long history. There are lots of documents and materials on this subject. For example you can see these links; For seven recorded stories;, For transcriptions and English translations of the four stories;, For grammar structure and the history of the language;, For Proposed Latin alphabet for Ubykh and for A Practical Orthography for Ubykh by Rohan Fenwick; For Ubykh Phonology:

Nearly all researches done was concentrated on recording and understanding the language. These were really great works. But, an important thing has been ignored up to now. What is that? TO LEARN THE LANGUAGE, I mean TO SPEAK IT. So, although they are really valuable, after a new point of view the importance of these researches will increase. And in my opinion to speak this language is easier than to find out the grammar structures and new vocabularic items. But how? It is very simple. But, be patient please.

First of all, I am not a linguist. I don't know anything about the linguistic terminology. And I don't have any information about the other Circassian languages. I am not a prefessional Ubykh language learner, I mean this is not a part of my job. It can be only described as a hobby. Three weeks ago, I read carefully the links above and more. And I decided to built a computer vocalic dictionary. I began to cut the stories of Tevfik Esenç recorded by Dumezil into sentences and then to words. But, while I was doing these, I realized that this language is not very difficult, at least easier than it was said. I am able to utter the sounds very easily like Tevfik Esenç after four or five times hearing. And it is not difficult, the only thing can be said is very enjoyable. But, how can it be possible? It is very simple. But, be patient please.
All the people dealing with the subject deeply were non-Circassians, except Tevfik Esenç and other Ubykh native speakers. Some of the linguists were France, the other ones are German, Australian, Chinese, and hollander .. etc. Maybe there can be some small grammatical similarities between their native language and Ubykh language, there are certainly very big differences between the sounds of the language they have been trying to recover. They are really great linguists. Although they are an expert on Languages, not "they" but "I" can utter these sounds without nearly any difficulty. Because, I am an Ubykh people. My father, my grandfather and my grand grand fathers were Ubykh. My father and my uncle were speaking Ubykh language when they were young. Later, they forgot it because of some reasons. I can utter these sounds correctly because I am an Ubykh people and my throat is an Ubykh throat. These language was spoken probably thousands of years by my ancestors and the Ubykh throat evaluated for thousands of years to utter these sounds correctly and today I have the advantage of this evoluated throat which the non-native linguists not. This can be the only explanation to this magic.

I am not a good language learner. I still have some problems with my English which is not my native language. Also there are some sounds in Turkish (my native language) which I can't utter properly. But, in Ubykh language I have never had any difficulty dealing with Ubykh sounds and words. So the only explanatiın can be my evaluated throat structure. And there are lots of Ubykh people in Turkey and in other diaspora who have the same Ubykh throat. And one day I am sure with the valuable linguists rearches and our Ubykh throat will combine and then this language will be spoken again. And this will be also the combination of Ubykh linguists and Ubykh people's dream.
With my best wishes.
Kenugi J. Ubykh

August 16, 2009


            WE ARE READING LESS, so we don't know our history in detail. If you ask a Circassian about his/her history, he/she will tell you a few ordinary sentences which is not known very well by him/her. In Circassian Diaspora we are tought the history of the country where we live for more than fifteen or sometimes more years. Although we have tought for years, we don't know very well that history. But, after reading (only a few of does, most of them even don't do this) a few articles and only once, we claim that we know everything on Circassian history. Everybody says these are known facts but in real nobody know them which are said to be known oftenly. The main sentences we know; The Circassian War and Genocide (fortunately we learned this fact in the last fifteen or twenty years, most of us says “Circassian Immigration” before!), and our tribes names which our family belong to, nothing more. These are also known by nearly every Non-Circassian man or woman living in the same place with the Circassians. So we don't know more about our history than a Non-Circassian one. Before the internet, it was really difficult to reach the Circassian related documents which were really rare, so we had some excuses then. But today, there are lots of websites on Circassia and we can learn more easily and with less effort. So, the excuses we have are less than before. 

            WE ARE READING LESS, because we are so busy! We are so busy with chatting girls or boys, we are so busy with surfing the internet, we are so busy with listening music and learning the stories of (Non-Circassian) music group stories (Michael Jackson's death is more important for us than the death of our brothers), we are so busy with dealing with Politics (which always makes us weak), and we are so busy with dancing. These are important facts of our life. But, it doesn't matter if he/she is a Circassian or not, a modern people's life should not be always like this. These can be tought a hobby done only in free times, but our whole day mustn't be free. At least try to spend one hour for reading something on Circassia. 

            WE ARE READING LESS, because we haven't got big ideals. Reading causes having big ideals. And having big ideals causes the need of more imformation to materialize them and books are generally the best information storage. For example, if you live in your house and just watch TV, you don't need and axe, a rope, a map, and a guide. But, if you decided to see the top of the Mountain Elbruz one day, they would be a need for you. So you must find all of them otherwise you can't reach there. But, probably a good guide (who did this lots of times) is the most important one for you. A good guide can show you the easiest and safest ways and prevent you from dangerous slopes. Reading (history) is a good guide for us which always show the best ways, at least although it doesn't always give us the perfect one, it shows us the wrong ones which others have tried and failed before. 

            WE ARE READING LESS, because we are afraid to learn who we are and what we must do. Reading brings some responsibilities. Knowledge is really heavy and only the stronger ones can carry it. Changing your life style to a Circassian one is really difficult, especially if you are a bit old. Because, it means beginning a new life, and forgetting and losing most of the things we have now. Most people doesn't like the idea of beginning a new life at the age of 30, 40 or 50. Beginning a new life is declaring the confession of the wrongness of a former life. And nobody wants to say that he/she did the same mistakes thousands of times during 30, 40, 50 years. From the other side, Circassia is where we belong to, not here, which we really afraid to hear. A polar bear can not live in Africa, a whale can not live in a desert, a zoo can not be a home for a wolf, you can not have an eagle in your car. A polar bear belong to cold, freezy norths, a whale is the animal of the oceans, a wolf can only be a real wolf only in the wild environment of a forest, an Eagle always needs mountains to live and fly freely. Have you ever seen a wolf in a cage in a zoo? He never looks like a wolf any more. It is not the legendary animal told in the stories. It is weak and afraid. Look at the pictures of our ancestors! Can't you see the differences between them and us? Diaspora is not our home and we belong to the Mountains of Circassia. WE CAN LIVE IN DIASPORA BUT WE CAN NEVER BE A REAL CIRCASSIAN IF WE DON'T GO HOME!

            WE ARE READING LESS, so our philosophers are less famous than our warriors. We know the names of lots of warriors, heros, how many of us know the name of a philosopher in Circassian history and today? Is there any empty place on your wall for even a single philosopher where is completely full of the pictures of warriors? The Circassian writers whose works are the memories and voices of a nation has never attracted any interest up to now. Our philosophers who attends the wars with their pens and who have been really always rare during our history are as important as our warriors. Because, they are always the sparks of freedom wars sand the engineers of the ruined countries after the destructive big wars during the world history. We always say something about the Victory but what will happen after it? Will we fight with guns against poverty, economy, laws, foreign affairs ... etc? Everybody knows Şeyh Şamil as one of the biggest commander of all times, but only some know that even during the wars he never give up reading and he carries lots of books -which can be said as a mobile library- wherever he goes. So we always say him as a great commander but we never say how a great philosopher he is. Why?

          As I have said before, our ancestors didn't die to be forgotten. Reading is to remember them. Reading is a challenge to be ready to change the life style which needs sometimes more courage than fighting in a war.

Kenugi J. UBYKH

August 15, 2009

Cahar DUDAYEV, the OTHERS and US

          Hollywood is certainly the heart of the movie industry. You can easily understand if a movie is produced by Hollywood by just looking it for a few minutes. They know how to produce and sell a story it in a perfect way. Even a small story or a not-well known hero in the hands of Hollywood turns to be a perfect movie. But I like also the French ones. They are a bit different or I thought them a bit different because of having a Hollywood movie culture. The French movies are -in my opinion- less exaggerated and generally concentrate on feelings. So in a French movie the heros rarely fly like “Superman”, or kills lots of people in a few minutes like “Rambo”, or based on political views as in Western films, where the Native Americans, Indians are always wild and attacks the Whites and the Whites just kill them to protect themselves (What a great humour!)! I also like the other movies from different countries, which all have something about their own values. But, I like mostly two of them. But, this article is not written to mention about movie industry and my personal opinions on it. So what is that? That is about the movie industry which hasn't been able to produce and about the world people, including the Circassians especially the ones in Diaspora who hasn't got produced a movie in the names of all Chechen people, the dead ones and the living ones. These country, these people, these heroes, our brothers (if they give us this great honour) deserves more fame than the dirty, ignorant and barbarous herdsmen of America, the cowboys.

          Cahar DUDAYEV and the OTHERS (I say the others, because there are a lot of known (also not-known) heros were and are in the both of the Chechen Wars and now that it is unfortunately impossibble to write all of their names) must be the main actors of the last fifteen years' all hit movies, but not. One of my friends sent a message yesterday about “He has no HOPE”. And I say now, if you were a leader of Chechen Republic whose population approximately one million and if your old enemy whose population is aproximately one-hundred-seventy million was waiting for war impatiently, would you have any hope? So Cahar DUDAYEV and the OTHERS proved us that “CIRCASSIANS DON'T NEED HOPE!”. Even in hopeless situations they did what must be done and which made and makes them great and that's why all people (must) calls them HERO. How can the scientists or anybody explain their big war against the second big army in the world? If it can be explained by anyway, how can we understand them? I think we can not understand them only we can try to understand them, which will make us higher (of course not as high as them but) than the simple, ordinary people.

          I like watching movies and that is my main hobby. But, up to now I have been able to watch only two films about Şeyh Şamil (the great commander and leader). One of them was a Turkish one which has nothing in it about Circassians except their clothes, and the other one is a Russian one which I couldn't understand as its language was Russian. But about the Second World War probably there are more than thousands of movie produced by different countries. Of course it is important as a lot of countries were in this big war (that's why it is called “World War”). But what about the Chechen' (and also the Circassians') war which lasts more than four hundred years!

          When I was a little kid (also during ten or more years), I used to say that one day I will be a great cowboy and kill all the Indians. This was the common feelings of all children in those days. We knew nothing about Şeyh ŞAMİL and the OTHERS, so to be like them was not our dream. How can you dream something without having any knowledge about it?

          When I was a young boy, I used to say that “I will be a great soldier like Rambo and I will kill all the Vietnams. Because, it was so popular in those days that even in childish games nobody wanted to be a coward and stupid Vietnams. Rambo was our great hero which always had a great respect by us. We knew nothing about Şeyh ŞAMİL and the OTHERS, so to be like them was not our dream. How can you dream something without having any knowledge about it?

          Thousands of Jewish people were being burnt in large ovens. Families were doing everything to be not recognized by a German soldier to save their lives. The tragic events took place in concentration camps where the only wish was to not to be able to the next one and to be able to see the next sunrise. These were and are popular sceneries of an ordinary movie on Jewish Genocide. There were so popular in those days that lots of people had nightmares like a Jewish people. Nearly all the audiences shared their painful memories. We knew nothing about the CIRCASSIAN GENOCIDE and the YEAR OF 1864 and the OTHERS, so we hadn't nightmares about them. How can you have a nightmare about something without having any knowledge about it?

          And so one day I saw a man on TV news, nearly in all News, a man, an angry man in a uniform was saying something loudly to a large group of people in a square who had guns and rifles in their hands. I couldn't understand what he was saying and I was able to only read his name “ Cahar DUDAYEV” and that group was “THE OTHERS”. It was like a Rambo movie but it was real, it was like a Western movie but this time Indians were my heros because later I learned very well that Indians were just trying to save their own country bravely, it was like a World War movie but in this war the enemy was incredibly powerful, also it was like a Jewish genocide film but in this one not only olds and women but also children, kids, babies were being killed mercilessly. The world hadn't produced any film on Circassians and Circassia, so Cahar DUDAYEV and the OTHERS did their live-own-made movie for the names of their great ancestors. So then we knew something about Cahar DUDAYEV and the OTHERS, so to be like them was (is) our dream. How can't you dream of being like them after seeing even a short video about them and their war?

          That war was not only a beginning for a Chechen Republic but also it was a beginning for all Circassians to learn, respect, and remember their memories. We didn't know enough the meaning of brotherhood and we couldn't (didn't) help them enough. The members of a family is called a family if they help each other in bad times. The Chechens were ready for the war completely but Diaspora wasn't unfortunately. 

          The Headline was “Cahar DUDAYEV, the OTHERS and US”. I try to say something about Cahar DUDAYEV, the OTHERS and I just try to thank and remember them. I haven't said anything about “US” because we haven't done anything to be called “US” up to know. And yesterday I saw again a video about Cahar DUDAYEV and the OTHERS. He was again saying something loudly and in an angry way. And I can understand his language now. He is just saying “WHERE ARE YOU BROTHERS? WHY DON'T YOU HELP US?”. And the only answer can be for me for all diaspora; “WE WERE SLEEPING. WE WERE SLEEPING SO DEEPLY THAT WE COULDN'T HEAR YOU. BUT, WE ARE ABOUT TO WAKE UP, AND SOME OF US HAD ALREADY WAKEN UP AND AWAKINING “US”. We couldn't be brothers to Cahar DUDAYEV and the OTHERS but I hope we will be brothers to their new generation.


          Kenugi J. Ubykh

August 12, 2009

WRITING is an EVIDENCE and HERITAGE of Feelings and Thought

       We are thinking on Circassia, sociality, future, memories, families, victories, ... etc, and speaking about them. Today nearly every Circassian Diaspora and (probably in Circassia) the main talking point is something about Circassia and Circassians. Probably my grandparents who could only speak in their mother language, and who were in the real traditional Circassian sociality (I mean their language was -not sometimes but always- Circassian tribal language, they were wearing traditional Circassian clothes, their neighbours were Circassian families.. etc) had lots of memories, stories, ideas, advises ... etc. But I don't know well about them. Why? The answer is quite simple “THEY WERE NOT WRITTEN”.

       All kind of materials, especially the written ones, are really very important for us (young generation) to be able to find an answer to the questions who we were and are, where we were coming and where and when we must go. Sometimes even a single black-and-white picture can completely change our lives. That can be a spark of thinking for above questions, which is probably the first step. 

       Our long and glorious history and ancestors, unfortunately didn't (maybe “couldn't”) produce enough written materials to learn and understand them. This kind of materials are really few and nearly all of them were written by other nations not Circassians. Today we know the Circassian history form the view of an American, France, German, British, Russian, .. etc. We really don't know our ancestors own feelings and reasons during the wars and exile. But, Why? The answer is again quite simple “THEY DIDN'T WRITE IT!”.

       Today there are not thousands but hundreds of websites on Circassia. Study these websites carefully, you will see that nearly all of their materials are same. The graphic designs are different but the materials are same. I mean there are ten or twenty written materials about Circassian Genocide and nothing more. The number of these materials were are not increasing day by day. Find the original one and download and upload somewhere, nothing more. Today if you want to learn new Circassian generations opinions on any subject, you should find them and ask one by one. Because, although our ancestors had some excuses and we don't have, “WE DON'T WRITE ANYTHING”.

       If you say no, then please tell me, “How many poems, stories, songs, articles, books ... etc anything are there on Circassia produced by Circassian new generations. The language is not very important, just say the number. Our children in schools write more than thousands poems, articles, paintings on deforestration, environmental problems, heroes, the importance of reading, health .. etc. But what about the deforestration in Circassian where forest and tree always were the best friends of us and what about our Circassian heroes. Why didn't our children and we write on them?

       To sum up, I want to hear songs, read articles, see paintings, touch statues on and about Circassia in all different countries of diaspora and in their own languages. Have you ever heart a song in France telling us the peaceful valleys and mountains of Circassia? Have you ever read an article in Turkish written about the problems of Diaspora by 13 or 14 years old young man? Did you have a chance of seeing an Arabic film on Circassian Genocide? Probably, your answer is mostly “NO” unfortunately. As I have said before, these are all together an evidence of our feelings and thoughts which will be THE BEST GIFT OF US TO THE NEXT CIRCASSIAN GENERATIONS AND US. And THE FUTURE OF A NATION CAN NOT BE ENTRUSTED TO WEAK HUMAN MEMORIES.

Sincerely yours,

August 11, 2009

UNITY is more important than INDEPENDENCE

     Long Circassian History is generally a story of self-victories. We have more heroes than any other known nations. You can see this clear known fact in nearly all historian books -mainly European and Ottoman, and even in Russian history books. To able to hear good words from your main enemy is a great honur which all deserve but only some get.

     In our community, the wish of "individual freedom" - in other words "self resistance to obedience" seen in every life of a Circassian people. They mainly think on existing social rules (sometimes even laws), and mostly critisize them bravely if needed. They try to create different sometimes marginal unknown and not-discussed-yet solutions to known problems. And they express their suggestion of solution to their community clearly and immediately. Because of that we have lots of politicians, soldiers, poets, writers, historians like other nations, but ours are always very famous  and play and played very important roles in the country they are in. For example, in this country the ex-president and one of the ex-Chief of General Staff and Prime Minister are belong to different Circassian families. 

     There are probaly two reasons causes this success; the loyalty to their country and the wish of individual freedom. The more high-ranked you are, the less orders you get. And they do and did this. This feeling is so powerful that the motivation of reaching the top makes them dedicated to their work with an unbelievable self-discipline, and harworking personalities and give them the power of struggling difficulties. These are all great. 

     Only another Circassian who has the similiar qualities of personality - generally most of the Circassians have - can be a real rival to a Circassian man, which is generally the beginning of a struggle between rivals. This always causes the great amount of energy, money and time. It doesn't matter who is right or not, or who is the winner or not, always the loser is the Circassian community. 

     Tribes also have and shove similiar characteristics. But this time the struggle is not between two people or groups, but between tribes. So, the result is more destructive for us. You can read such kind of stories in all Circassian history. This made them weaker against the foreign attacks in the past and at last they exiled and live in different parts of the world with a passion of coming back homeland one day. 

     As a result, the blody fightings and even wars between brother tribes are waiting impatiently as happened lots of times in the past if we couldn't find urgently a -firstly- peaceful and then more peaceful way(s) to discuss our problems and opinions and establish a cooperation - based on mutual-respect- aiming the UNITY of Circassia. Only then we can live again one more time in our green Circassian mountains in safe - which -I believe- will happen in the near future.

     Nobody can reach the high top of the mountain of INDEPENDENCE by himself/herself, "we", "not I" can achieve it by ourselves - TOGETHER. The UNITY of Circassia will -naturally- cause the INDEPENDENCE of Circassia.

     With the best wishes for the UNITY of Circassia,


August 7, 2009

Where is the Ubykh STAR?

      The Abkhasian government invited not only Abkhasians in diaspora but also Ubykhs to live in Abkhasia. Thanks for their kind invitation. We were neighbours once, and I hope we will be neighbour in the near future again. Also other Circassian governments sometimes make similar come back announcements to all Circassians in Diaspora. But nobody invites us to Soçi, where there were Ubykh's villages and memories.

     There are some flags on websites. One of them was the Flag of the Republic which lasted two years, and which is known as the only recognized union during long history of Circassia. And in this flag, there are seven stars which are said to be represent seven main tribes living in Circassia. And this flag is offered as the flag of unity and independence in Circassia. But, what happened to the other stars? For example, where is the star which represents the Ubykh people and tribe? 

    I think my ancestors and their grandsons and grandaughters have a right to see a shining star of Ubykh people in this flag. They fought, wounded and nearly half of them died. They were even the leader during the big war for a short time. Just for this reason the biggest anger of the enemies were upon them. They were so brave, and stubborn that they are said to be the last tribe who surrendered to Russians.

     To be forgotton is really a bad feeling but to be forgetton by your neighbours and their new generation is really awful. So, please don't forget the real owners of Soçi and their new generation. Don't forget our famous Ubykh leaders' names, because they didn't die to be forgotton.


August 6, 2009


     To be a Nation is declared to be the "only" solution of all Circassian problems by different ogranizations and politicians these days. And it is getting a growing support by Circassian people, especially by young ones. It is offered as a shining star in cloudy dark blue Circassian sky. And videos and articles (whose main motto is "A NATION") are uploading to the different popular Circassian based websites. Everything on this motto seems to be logical and necessary. And some Europen (even some Russian) writers, politicians and journalists are also suporting this idea. But, they are ignoring one fact, the Circassian people and Circassia.

     What I mean is without having enough knowledge on Circassian history, Diaspora, their culture.. etc. this idea can be offered and thought to be "only" solution which will certainly fail to materialize. If our ancestors had been volunteer to forget their language and culture to be a nation, they would have been a part of Russia and they wouldn't have fought against the Russians and not been forced to move and in this way they could have been a nation, a Russian nation. But, they didn't choose this way, and they fought to death to save their language, culture, traditions, the most important one for their honour.

     To be a nation means, one language will annihilate the orher ones. I mean a (single) Circassian language will annihilate the other Circassian languages. Also with their annihilateed languges, their culture and tradition will be forgetten. And as probably nobody would be eager to lose their language, they would be forced to obey. So groups or nations would struggle not to be annihilated. And as a result, the blood of Circassians and their struggle would spread through all the Circassian mountains and valleys. The ones in power would explain this to be unavoidable results on the way of being a Nation. If you really think these are true, then let the Russians do. They are trying to do the same thing, with the same motto and in the same way for at least to ages.

     None of the tribes in Circassia will accept to lose their differences. These differences are our power. These differences are our history and these differences are Circassia.

     So here is the solution. A "Unity" of Independent Circassia, where every tribe can live and show differences in peace, which was tried to be taken and which has not been achieved by Russians up to now. The words "UNITY" and "A (SINGLE)" must be discussed by the Circassians not by the other nations. This is our future so "we", "not the others" must decide this future, and the road map for the unity of Circassians. As an Ubykh people living in diaspora and wish to live in Circassia oneday I will - I promise- never let my culture and traditions, my ancestors names and everything related with Ubykh people to be sacrificed by the name of anything. And all the ideas and suggestions without the Ubykh people will be -naturally- failed.



August 4, 2009

To be able to watch A CIRCASSION video WITHOUT TEARS

The same thing happened again, again and again. It begins turning to be a habit. During the hot summer nights, to be able to sleep is just a dream which only comes true in the little coolness of the dawn. After a tiring work, it is time to sleep, but impossible.

So last night again, nearly at 3 o'clock a.m. I gave up the idea of sleeping peacefuly for a few hours, and I began to surf the internet. And in my favourite websites, there was a new video on Circassian War and Genocide. I have seen lots of times similiar videos but this time not the video but "I" was really different. Sometimes I was in an anger, sometimes I was happy in victories but at last the sceneries and photographs of exile began to appear through the end of video. Then there was just only a feeling; a great and different varieties of sadness. 

I was not in the war, I didn't lose anybody in that war, my brothers, mother and father or grandfather, none of them were dead in that war. That war didn't happen in my town or city where I live now. I didn't hear the crying voices of little children or their mothers. There wasn't blood on my arms. I wasn't wounded or dead. I even can't speak their language. And it didn't happen yesterday, or last week or year. But, although these are facts, there is also another fact which is the deep feeling of sadness I have. So I realized that I was not only watching the video but also I was living in it. The great sadness can not be described.

But these were the feelings I felt while just watching a video which lasts approximately 15 minutes. What about our ancestors who really lived in these wars, who really saw the lost of their relatives, friends, houses, towns, country .. and everything they had had during long years. Can their anger and sadness and that big misery be described with any words in any language?

And is it possible to be able watch such kind of videos without tears?

Which one shows the weakness of my soul as a Circassian; having tears on your eyes while watching a video or maybe sometimes listening an old songs or not? 

With my best wishes and in great sadness,

Is "TRADE" still a "SHAME"?

In old documents and traditions, it is stated that "Trading is thought to be a shame and none of the tribes in Circassia trade". One of the big and main problems of Circassian Future is the need of "MONEY". Only a few of us are really successful on Business. We are good soldiers - a fact proved during our bloody his of us and also proved by the successful high rank soldiers in Diaspora, but also we are really bad traders. I think as we have no interest in trade and as a result of this as we haven't got a trade tradition and history, only a few us tried and are trying this sector and most of their efforts unfortunately ended with failure.

But this is a contradiction these days. We have a high potential. Why? Because, as our people dispersaled and as our people live nearly in every vital parts of the world, if our people, traders, can communicate well with each other, they can establish a very very powerful trading community. Even in trade, Circassian people are really trustworthy, which means that as a Circassian people you can find easily reliable partners in different cities, countries and even in different continents.

As a humanbeing we need clothes, houses, computers, sometimes somewhere to go on holiday .. etc. Then why don't we choose our Circassian Traders products? Why don't we support our traders? Rich traders will make their families rich and powerful, these rich families will make their community rich and strong. And you see, that community is Circassian Community.

"Money" is and was always important during the history for all nations. But for us, it has vital importance these days when people want to go back homeland and which needs huge amounts of money for each person.


August 2, 2009


During the long and bloody history of Circassia, many families, tribes forced to immigrate or exiled to the different parts of the world.

Today most of them live in Turkey. But also they live in Jordan, Israel, U.S.A., Canada, England, France, Spain, Holland .... etc. You can find lots of websites on or by Circassian People. Although you can't understand some languages - as really different foreign languages are spoken, mainly Turkisk, Russian, Arabic, English, French ..etc - Pictures, songs, maps and of course the flags with 12 stars on show us there there are Circassian people there and try to do something for Circassia.

But, none of them has a global power. So if you are an English speaker and want to find your friends or cousins in Circassia generally this is impossible. And if you live in Circassia and you want find your friends, cousins, again this is impossible for you to find something in English websites.

So as a result we need good historians, linguistics, politicians, a powerful leader .. But the most important one we need is good translators, who will be a bridge between these families living in different parts of the world and wanting to cooperate and communicate with each other in impatience.

It can be a bit funny, or too simple but it is true. The United Circassia will be established by not warriors, businessman, politicians, outers .. etc but by translators.


Kenugi James

August 1, 2009

The Problem of Lack of Organization

The Circassian History is certainly a rich one which goes beyond to the beginning of the world. In this respect, there are a lot of documents on this history with the view of Europe and America. Especially after 1990s, there is an increasing interest on this subject. The number of articles, and the numbe rof people who are more interested in this subject are inreasing day by day. The Circassian Diaspora and motherland people are naturally giving a response to this interest. Today when you search the word "Kafkasya ("Circassia" in Turkish)" in the google search engine, you get 1.050.000 results (I tested a few minutes ago). And this search is done in Turkish. If you write "Circassia" you get 82.400 results. And I am sure when you search in other languages, you will probably get huge numbers like this.

From the other side, the circassian languages are really a great treasure. If you search "Kafkasya dil ("Circassia language" in Turkish) you get 343.000 results. If you search "Circassia language", the result is 65.300. I couldn't find time to search in different languages.

The searches above doesn't include all the words related with Circassia, like Circassian, The Mountains of Circassia, The Circassian Geography ... etc. Even the result of "Circassian Dog (which the Georgians are trying to claim to be the owner of these days and which is tought to be the second biggest dog in the world)" has more than 112.000.

The results and the numbers above just show the numbers of the e-materials transferred into web. I haven't even mentioned that there are also lots of books, maps and letters and any documents in libraries and archieves.

And these are the information resources need to be researched and read and learnt. And then we must compile and produce new materials, articles a book (may be). Maybe this producement can even be a painting, a song, sculpture .. etc.

As a result there are lot of subjects and resources need to be seen, and we have a limited life time which is a necessity of a fleeting humanbeing. Beyond slogans, a friendly chat and sentiency if we want to do something we must establish a well-organized civil RESEARCH, LEARN and TEACH group or groups. It is nearly impossible for a single man to learn deeply and in detail the Geography, History, Painting, Language, Linguistics, Computer, Graphics, Literature ...etc. We, the new Circassian Generation are trying to do this which causes the creation of impossible goals to be reach and which breaks our motivation of study and learn.

So here is the Suggestion;

1-To create RESEARCH teams.

2-To create PUBLISHER teams

3-To create ASSESTMENT teams.

4-To create COMMUNICATION teams to find and gather all the Oubykh people in the world.

The Last Ubykh

There are still a lot of Ubykh (Oubykh, Ubıh) on the earth. They are still breathing. They are sleeping now. But, they are about to wake up. Some of them alrady waken up and they are waking up the others. In this blog you will learn the Ubykh history, their language, their culture, and of course the war and genocide. They have never forgotten their ancestors and their stories. They are on the earth from the beginning and they will be here till the end. And one day they will again live in their homeland in freedom.