August 15, 2009

Cahar DUDAYEV, the OTHERS and US

          Hollywood is certainly the heart of the movie industry. You can easily understand if a movie is produced by Hollywood by just looking it for a few minutes. They know how to produce and sell a story it in a perfect way. Even a small story or a not-well known hero in the hands of Hollywood turns to be a perfect movie. But I like also the French ones. They are a bit different or I thought them a bit different because of having a Hollywood movie culture. The French movies are -in my opinion- less exaggerated and generally concentrate on feelings. So in a French movie the heros rarely fly like “Superman”, or kills lots of people in a few minutes like “Rambo”, or based on political views as in Western films, where the Native Americans, Indians are always wild and attacks the Whites and the Whites just kill them to protect themselves (What a great humour!)! I also like the other movies from different countries, which all have something about their own values. But, I like mostly two of them. But, this article is not written to mention about movie industry and my personal opinions on it. So what is that? That is about the movie industry which hasn't been able to produce and about the world people, including the Circassians especially the ones in Diaspora who hasn't got produced a movie in the names of all Chechen people, the dead ones and the living ones. These country, these people, these heroes, our brothers (if they give us this great honour) deserves more fame than the dirty, ignorant and barbarous herdsmen of America, the cowboys.

          Cahar DUDAYEV and the OTHERS (I say the others, because there are a lot of known (also not-known) heros were and are in the both of the Chechen Wars and now that it is unfortunately impossibble to write all of their names) must be the main actors of the last fifteen years' all hit movies, but not. One of my friends sent a message yesterday about “He has no HOPE”. And I say now, if you were a leader of Chechen Republic whose population approximately one million and if your old enemy whose population is aproximately one-hundred-seventy million was waiting for war impatiently, would you have any hope? So Cahar DUDAYEV and the OTHERS proved us that “CIRCASSIANS DON'T NEED HOPE!”. Even in hopeless situations they did what must be done and which made and makes them great and that's why all people (must) calls them HERO. How can the scientists or anybody explain their big war against the second big army in the world? If it can be explained by anyway, how can we understand them? I think we can not understand them only we can try to understand them, which will make us higher (of course not as high as them but) than the simple, ordinary people.

          I like watching movies and that is my main hobby. But, up to now I have been able to watch only two films about Şeyh Şamil (the great commander and leader). One of them was a Turkish one which has nothing in it about Circassians except their clothes, and the other one is a Russian one which I couldn't understand as its language was Russian. But about the Second World War probably there are more than thousands of movie produced by different countries. Of course it is important as a lot of countries were in this big war (that's why it is called “World War”). But what about the Chechen' (and also the Circassians') war which lasts more than four hundred years!

          When I was a little kid (also during ten or more years), I used to say that one day I will be a great cowboy and kill all the Indians. This was the common feelings of all children in those days. We knew nothing about Şeyh ŞAMİL and the OTHERS, so to be like them was not our dream. How can you dream something without having any knowledge about it?

          When I was a young boy, I used to say that “I will be a great soldier like Rambo and I will kill all the Vietnams. Because, it was so popular in those days that even in childish games nobody wanted to be a coward and stupid Vietnams. Rambo was our great hero which always had a great respect by us. We knew nothing about Şeyh ŞAMİL and the OTHERS, so to be like them was not our dream. How can you dream something without having any knowledge about it?

          Thousands of Jewish people were being burnt in large ovens. Families were doing everything to be not recognized by a German soldier to save their lives. The tragic events took place in concentration camps where the only wish was to not to be able to the next one and to be able to see the next sunrise. These were and are popular sceneries of an ordinary movie on Jewish Genocide. There were so popular in those days that lots of people had nightmares like a Jewish people. Nearly all the audiences shared their painful memories. We knew nothing about the CIRCASSIAN GENOCIDE and the YEAR OF 1864 and the OTHERS, so we hadn't nightmares about them. How can you have a nightmare about something without having any knowledge about it?

          And so one day I saw a man on TV news, nearly in all News, a man, an angry man in a uniform was saying something loudly to a large group of people in a square who had guns and rifles in their hands. I couldn't understand what he was saying and I was able to only read his name “ Cahar DUDAYEV” and that group was “THE OTHERS”. It was like a Rambo movie but it was real, it was like a Western movie but this time Indians were my heros because later I learned very well that Indians were just trying to save their own country bravely, it was like a World War movie but in this war the enemy was incredibly powerful, also it was like a Jewish genocide film but in this one not only olds and women but also children, kids, babies were being killed mercilessly. The world hadn't produced any film on Circassians and Circassia, so Cahar DUDAYEV and the OTHERS did their live-own-made movie for the names of their great ancestors. So then we knew something about Cahar DUDAYEV and the OTHERS, so to be like them was (is) our dream. How can't you dream of being like them after seeing even a short video about them and their war?

          That war was not only a beginning for a Chechen Republic but also it was a beginning for all Circassians to learn, respect, and remember their memories. We didn't know enough the meaning of brotherhood and we couldn't (didn't) help them enough. The members of a family is called a family if they help each other in bad times. The Chechens were ready for the war completely but Diaspora wasn't unfortunately. 

          The Headline was “Cahar DUDAYEV, the OTHERS and US”. I try to say something about Cahar DUDAYEV, the OTHERS and I just try to thank and remember them. I haven't said anything about “US” because we haven't done anything to be called “US” up to know. And yesterday I saw again a video about Cahar DUDAYEV and the OTHERS. He was again saying something loudly and in an angry way. And I can understand his language now. He is just saying “WHERE ARE YOU BROTHERS? WHY DON'T YOU HELP US?”. And the only answer can be for me for all diaspora; “WE WERE SLEEPING. WE WERE SLEEPING SO DEEPLY THAT WE COULDN'T HEAR YOU. BUT, WE ARE ABOUT TO WAKE UP, AND SOME OF US HAD ALREADY WAKEN UP AND AWAKINING “US”. We couldn't be brothers to Cahar DUDAYEV and the OTHERS but I hope we will be brothers to their new generation.


          Kenugi J. Ubykh

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