September 26, 2009

Gift or Punishment

In a butterfly life, every second has a vital importance. Minutes are like months and days are like years for them. If there isn't any emergency, we don't care much seconds or minutes, we generally deal with years and centuries. But, in nations life, centuries are like days which are not thought to be long. Beginnings and endings are always incredibly long considering the avarage human life. Nations are never born in a day or die in a week. Sometimes nations death last more than two – three centuries. Nations history are a collection of milions of individual (short) lives. Individual life ends in 70 – 100 years old, but nations life go on its way with the fear of waiting the last individual life ending. So, the last individual ending of a nation is also the ending of a whole nation.

In holly books, the sudden endings of nations generally caused by disasters are described deeply. Most of them are represented as a punishment of the Creator. They did something wrong, and as a punishment the whole nation sentenced to death. So, our community members are oftenly (“oftenly” shows the urgency and importance of the matter) mentioning about the ending of Circassian nation. Then we must think and talk about what the possible reason of us to be punished by the Creator if this is a punishment!?

“Always tell the truth, never tell a lie”, “be helpful”, “be respectful to each other and yourself especially to the olds”, “save the environment”, “take care of your neighbours”, “be hospitable”, “don't gossip”, “save your country and fight for it if needed”, “be honorable”, “be clean”, .... these are the general qualities of an ordinary Circassian men or woman, and desired as quality of a perfect person mainly in all religions. In Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism without any exception they are all advised to maintain a perfect community. If you gossip, you commit a sin in these four main religions. If you don't tell the truth and tell a lie, you are a sinner. If you disobey the Circassian tradition rules oftenly, you are excluded by your family members and you are not protected anymore by your relatives which means you have no way except than leaving that place.

Our ancestors never told a lie (may be as a individual but never as a whole nation), they were always helpfull to their neighbours during the peace and war times, if needed they fought and died for their neighbours, they were respectful to each other and themselves and especially to the olds that is why they created probably the most important council consisted of the olds in the world, the olds were always the last speakers of our nation, who were listened carefully and never protested, they saved the environment, the traditional Circassian villages are famous for fruit trees and gardens, their best old friends were always trees which never betrayed them (not only the Circassian people in Circassia but also the trees are looking forward for their old friends), and also our ancestors never betrayed them and in the last war, in the last moment one of our famous 100 years old warrior was killed mercilessly while trying to defend an apple tree, they were always hospitable even when they saw the Russian soldiers on the cost of Black Sea, they said “Welcome!” at first to their visitors who later they learned they were just not visiting, they tried to save their country for thousands of years heroically, they had honorable lives, they never chose dishonorable ways to survive more, they lived, killed and died in an honorable way, some of the Circassian families were rich and some others were poor but their houses, gardens, clothes ... were always as clean as possible, you could see a Circassian man in old clothes but it was impossible to able to see any of them in dirty clothes, not only their ownings but also their thoughts were as clean as them.

So why did the creator punish us? Why were we exciled? Why did we have to go on our lives in different parts of the world? I will say you something different now. MAY BE it was a gift!

It was a gift for us. You can say what kind of a gift it was! May be the Creator didn't want this perfect community to be disappeared forever, so the Creator wanted us to live in a foreign country for a short time. This was the only choice of our ancestors to survive, and went on their struggle. Although they were defeated and exiled, in the countries where they went they welcomed as the heroes and heroines of the high mountains, especially by the Ottomans. They never thought to be as a minority but they were thought to be as an important part of their countries. This was a great honour (in my opinion although some thinks it as a way of assimilation).

It was a gift for Diaspora countries. May be the Creator wanted the other people to learn their struggle and their life styles. Nearly all the Diaspora countries indebted to Circassian people for their contributions. They did whatever they could do to make perfect the places wherever they went. Their perfect life styles were presented as a model for other nations. Our life styles were always a point of curiosity. Nearly all the places where the Circassian villages were settled are green. They changed the environment and the culture of Diaspora countries which have caused a total progress. Moreover, although they had the same origin, they always thought to be the guardian of the unity and indepence of Diaspora countries.

Nobody can know the Creator's real ideas, opinions, gifts, punishment ... etc. But, we can only try to understand or comment the Creator's sayings with the view of the religions we belong to. But, I don't think that our ancestors were punished (because I couldn't find any logical reason of their being punished), new generation can understand this well if we are able to come back homeland. Although we have been abroad for more than 150 years, we are still alive as a Circassian (of course we have some cultural losings, but not only us but also all cultures lost something in the last century) and still had the dreams of the coming back to homeland! And today new generation is more eager to learn this history and culture! At least they still have Circassian spirit! Now it must be time to be united and independent in our homeland to prove that it was a gift not a punishment!

May be it was a gift for us to understand the value of our culture and homeland.

The one who never meets the bad does not understand what is good.
(Circassian Proverb)

With best regards!
Kenugi J. UBYKH

September 19, 2009

In the Kingdom of BLINDS

As I have mentioned in former post, there are still some DELIBERATLY forgotten parts and people in this modern (!) and civilized(!) world. Fifty or more years before, it was really difficult to be awared of the developments and events in the other parts of the world. The only sources for news were some weekly (later daily) newspapers and governments' formal broadcasting equipments, radios (as huge as a fridge today) and black-white TVs. The radios and TVs were controlled by the governments of countries and aimed to publish the news of pre-decided, pre-commented and pre-censored by the serious looking sivil servants of the governments. So, people were forced to believe only these facts offered intentionally by others. Broadcasting was very expensive and only governments had this luxuary (but ofcourse by the help of citizens' taxes) for the future of their nations. But, newspapers and journalists' situation was entirely different from other rivals. It was not very expensive and journalists didn't use to care much about the money in those days. Most of them believed and lived themselves as volunteers to be a leader on the way to the freedom of informing others without the pressure of any power. In those days a good journalist had to be - first of all - a brave person who had to accept the risk of being killed, to be put into prison, or at least to be investigated by the sivil servants in black suits of governments. Most of their lives were poor, but people believed in and trusted them and their news. Their opportunities were very limited and sometimes you got the news after four or five days, but nearly all the things they pressed were true. The most terrible penalty for a good journalist was not to be able to sell enough his/her papers. And the thrustworthy and brave news were the only reason of the increasing of their selling ratio. The rich journalists were ignored by every reader and if a journalist had been a bit richer than avarage life standarts, he should have concealed it.

With the developments in technology, and decreased broadcasting costs, and TVs not being thought a luxuary anymore, the colured broadcasting equipments had a victory against radios and newspapers. The power of TVs ended with the magic of the modern world, the Internet. Most of the people prefer and say the Internet as the initial source of news. The decreasing ratings and the incomes of advertisements of TVs prove the reality of this theory. This was a big headache for the governments. It was a real challenge against the authority of governments. The Internet has no limits and borders except the limits and border of the user. Millions of computers (users' brains and thoughts) are connected to each other to learn more. It was the irresistible declaration of a new global kingdom. This kingdom is established voluntarily and governed by millioms of kings and queens. In this kingdom so much oppurtunities are offered that I am sure governments will have to create a ministry for Internet affairs of their people and country.

Today governments are jealous of this power and try to demolish this global kingdom. Some countries have already banned their citizens to connect the foreign web service hosts. They try to give an impression of “our eyes are on you”. So, the internet and users are not very brave as they were at first. The big server hosts have begun to declare their own kingdom's law and banned some of their users with the accusation of provocative or illegal affairs, sharings, .. etc. under the pressure of the risk of being banned by governments which means losing a lot of money and efforts. A non-written but known global internet laws are being constituted under these old-fashioned pressures. Considering the history of news publishment, we need brave journalist (or web admins) to provide us the real truths once more time. We, the global citiziens of this kingdom, deserves the news not being censored or pre-commented before. We deserve the bare and simple FACTS without the view of any political or governmental effects. I hope later they don't sell computers to the users with a licence and with the list which shows you the connectable web servers. Or they may even employ the internet user policemen whose main job is to be near you (physically) while on the Internet surfing.

Some important news on Circassia and Circassians unfortunately can't take place not only on TVs but also on the websites. I don't mention much about the newspapers, because lots of people already have ignored them. There are only a few Circassian websites who are trying to publish news. Even they are afraid of something to say the forbidden words (freedom, genocide, unity, independence). Not others but the (so-called) Circassian web admins ban their users to say, talk about or imply those forbidden words. They declare themselves as the voice of Circassians and they are. They are as silent as our ancestors bodies under the ground, with only a small differance of being alive. Our ancestors were really brave during, before and after the Great War on the battlegrounds. They were so brave that they were killed till only the children, women, and olds who could not defend themselves were alive. They did the best of whatever they could do. And if we are proud and famous and thought to be brave, this is not because of us but because of being their grandsons and daughters. We are called as the grandsons of Shamil. So, we are just enjoying the fame of our elders, not ours. Today the battleground is the Internet. Today the bullets are words. Today the war horses are mouses and keyboards. Today the leaders are web admins. We are fighting for not being disappeared forever. And in this fight the most important leaders we need are the brave news workers. They must always think of the importance of their duties which they have accepted willingly. It is clear that they will have lots of problems like the journalists mentioned above. They won't be rich and always have some economical problems. They will be ignored by the fortune owners. They will be questioned harmly by the Circassian dance and music fans. They will be accused of spoiling of the comfortable of Circassians life styles...

These are the normal and possible outcomes of demanding recovering a culture, a nation and raise to the level of their forgotten grandparents and their life philosophies, which must be accepted happly and without complaining as our elders didn't complain in the battlegrounds in more difficult situations. We are not ecpecting you to be as brave as Shamil, but at least try to be as brave as his enemies. We are not ecpecting you to be real grandsons of elders but at least pretend to be. If you are not brave enough to take the responsibility of being a leader, forget and leave it not to decrease the fame of our elders.

Unfortunately our communities have began to turn into a BLINDS' KINGDOM. We are not able to find leaders with two eyes, but this famous people deserves at least a leader with one eye to be a king who will tell and show us what is really happening.

In the Kingdom of the Blind, the Man with One Eye Is King (Greek Proverb)

kenugi J. UBYKH

September 17, 2009

Not only Diaspora but also The Whole World needs a BIG CHANGE

The black people of the black land, Africa is suffering from the starvation. They are so poor that they can't feed their own people. They spend all of their insufficient money on armament to kill each other that there is no more money for their children. Their land is not poor, but they are poor because of some known reasons. Small children, nearly 13 or 14 (sometimes even 10) years old are forced to play the war game with their blood. They are forced to choose guns to kill their friends instead of pencil to write. AND THOSE PEOPLE LIVE IN A (DELIBARETLY) FORGOTTEN PART OF THE WORLD.

Native Americans, Indians, were the real owner of the America Land till the white men brought them freedom and civilization. Thanks to the whiteman, They are really so free that their spirit can travel anywhere and anytime without fear although thousands of their bodies lay under the ground with bullets in their bodies and skull. The white man killed them, occupied their lands, and moreover made films to show how they are barbarian and wild creatures who lots of times deserves to be killed mercilessly. There are still (I don't know how but still) 20.000 Native Americans live in special area. Sometimes we say and hear the meaningful proverbs of these barbarians and we try to find out how a barbarian people can produce such peacefull, thoughfull and civilized proverbs. AND THOSE PEOPLE LIVE IN A (DELIBARETLY) FORGOTTEN PART OF THE WORLD.

Big countries, like England, U.S.A., Russia ... have begun a new (secret (!)) struggle in the emptinies of the North Pole. There is nothing there, only millions of tones of frozen water, penguens, white bears, and some other animals. But, later it is said that the main reason of this race to occupite that part of the world is just the rich reserve of oil. They call this place empty, because the animals called there, are not important things to be taken into account in the modern civilized world. Sometimes the Greenpeace organization makes some activities to save this part of the world. They show us the baby animals with the slogans, “Don't kill me!”. But, nobody (even the Greenpeace) didn't mention much about the people who lived there once said their numbers by thousands. They were called “Eskimos”. They were once living there by their own and harmlessly to the modern world till the Denmark government asked them to live that area in an ungentle way. They were so ungentle that lots of them died while moving from their land to another place. They still live in their new home(!) by telling the stories of their ancestors to their new generation. AND THOSE PEOPLE LIVE IN A (DELIBARETLY) FORGOTTEN PART OF THE WORLD.

Although Australia is a country where is always sunny and dry and because of which generally consists of large deserts, the people live in there are as white as a moonlight. They are generally blonde with coloured eyes and white skins. I have never seen a black skinned people from Australia. It is really very astonishing. That's why the others living in hot areas like Africa, Middle East ..etc generally have black or nearly black coloured skins. But, Australians are not. Sorry, I made a big mistake. They have also black coloured skins. They are called as Aborigènes. They are as black as a piece of coal. They live in the deserts by themselves and in peace in natura. The white ones mentioned above are the European people moved there a century ago and stayed (by ofcourse asking the Aborigènes gently to live their homes immediately). There are still some Aborigènes living there. AND THOSE PEOPLE LIVE IN A (DELIBARETLY) FORGOTTEN PART OF THE WORLD.

And also there are some people living in different parts of the world in small areas. They are called as “refugees”. But what does this word mean? I haven't heart anything about them like the rest of the world. Are they a nation? Or a tribe? Who are they? So, I tried to learn something about this mysterious people and their life style. And I found out that “Refugee” means “someone who has been forced to leave their country, especially during a war, or for political or religious reasons”. They live in refugee camps. They are also fighting with starvation (amazing creatures, even the baby ones, who can live without eating anything for days) but not necessarily live in Africa. Most of their people killed, but they are not Native Americans or Eskimoos. Most of their skin is white but the colour of their destiny is as black as Aborigènes. They are a kind of humanbeing who have absolutely a terrible past and suspicous future. They know very well where they came from but not know anything about where they should go. AND THOSE PEOPLE LIVE IN SMALL (DELIBARETLY) FORGOTTEN PARTS OF THE WORLD.

As a summary, lots of illegal and barbarious things happened on the earth by some people to others. We know very well some of them like Hitler ... etc, But, the modern and civilized world needs someone brave enough to say the names of the other Hitlers. It is too late to do something unfortunately for Native Americans, Eskimos and Aborigènes. But, you know very well that there are lots of refugees in every country of the world and it is not too late to do something fortunately. Yes, it is true that Circassian people, living in different countries, the so-called brothers of these people have forgotten them, but the humanbeings of this beautiful planet must do something for them immediately before it is too late. I don't know if the history forgive us for the things which we must do but not, but these people will never forgive us. And pray to Allah for days and nights to be lukcy not to run into any of them on the Day of Judgment.

Kenugi J. UBYKH

September 12, 2009

OUR COMING is as difficult as OUR GOING

When we left our homeland, we also left some of our friends, our cemeteries, our lands, our houses, our fruit gardens, our forests ... etc. We were able to bring only our stories, and our Circassian soul. Now as people living in Diaspora, when we leave here and COME BACK (“go” is not a good word when you refer to something about homeland), we will also leave some of our friends, our cemeteries, our lands, our houses, our fruit gardens, our forests ... etc. We will be able to only bring our stories and our Circassian soul. Our coming will be as difficult as going. Our going was in sadness but our coming will be in happiness.

Our ancestors didn't leave their countries with the intention of living in another country till the end. We fought (and are fighting) to defend our country and our people. During the bloody and brave war, nearly most of the male people were killed, Even some very old people (100 years old) were the last ones killed while trying to defend a fruit tree in the last one. The male population were nearly destroyed in a few years. The rest were too olds, females and small children who wouldn't have been able to defend themselves. When they left the homeland with the force of Russians, the main idea was not to give up the idea of living in homeland forever or to live in Diaspora countries forever. They went not to be destroyed completely and gain power and come back stronger. Their plan was the only thing which could be done in those days.

And they left their homeland but never left the idea of coming back. Even during the Ottoman Empires, they tried to take back for a few times. Even once they achieved it and they established the the Independent and United North Circassia. Our grandfathers always wished and had hope of coming back. They lived in Diaspora countries but their mind were always in Circassia.

The first step of their plan was undoubtedly a great success. We are more stronger in Diaspora countries today, our population has increased rapidly. Most of us had a wealthy life. I mean we live better than here than Circassia considering the economic powers.

When we first came back to Diaspora, life was really hard for Circassian people who were used to living highlands (because of which Russians called them “Highlanders”) to live in lowlands. So they also died because of some infectious diseases which they were not much familiar with in highlands of Circassia. Most of them immigrated again to highlands. They had problems lots of times with the native people. They were the last ones and the former ones were not very willing to accept the newcomers whose clothes, languages, traditions were entirely different. Our going into exile was not an easy one, but also our first years in Diaspora wasn't the easy one. But they never complained anything in Diaspora, because they knew very well that there was not their homeland, they were just visiting their neighbours and one day they would come back.

Today some of our friends have begun to put into words some of their complaints to local governments which is not normal considering our grandparents. The problem is causing by the changing the idea of being “visitor” and “host”. We were visitors and to show protest activities to our hosts was not proper considering the Circassian traditions. Today we think ourselves as host of these lands, so we want some rights as host. This changing idea – in my opinion – helps us to understand how much we have forgotten our ancestors great plan.

The forgetful operators of the second step, I want to make you an announcement. Our war began centuries ago to save our country was (is) not over, we withdrawed and gained power and now it is your time. Your time to come back stronger and help your people living in Circassia to live freely, and it is time for you to help yourself to live as a Circassian in your homeland as hosts. It is your time to finish the long-term war which is a heritage of our ancestors who not only left us dances, joy .. etc as an inheritance but also this war. Our ancestors got round trip tickets. And they gave all of us one of them. And it is time for all of us to use this return tickets not one day but today before the vehicles leave the station. And don't forget you are a visitor, so don't try to get your hosts rights which are not belong to you in these foreign lands.

September 7, 2009

How many CIRCASSIAS are there?

Our beloved country, Circassia, which is waiting impatiently her lost children. Some of her children are trying to go back to their lonely home and to live with their brothers together. Some are trying to change the destiny of their nation's natural terrible end. They live in Diaspora countries as a son or daughter of Circassian parents. But, probably most of their sons and daughters won't be. Circassian culture and customs with their language will die before the Circassian nation. As I have said above some people with the motivation of going back to homeland and live there like their grand grand parents are trying to change this natural destiny. So you can met them in virtual (facebook, websites, chatrooms ..) and real organizations.

But although they resembled to each other like “twins”, they were different because of belonging to different tribes in the Circassia in the past. But today again they are mostly different from each other not because of tribal reasons but because of their life philosophies (political and religious views). They are so deep in their life philosophies that sometimes they even forget their national problems and views of thinking. Some of them define themselves as social Circassian, some others as Muslim Circassian, some others as democratic Circassian, some others as modern Circassian, some others as traditonal Circassians and some others as modern Circassian ... etc. And don't forget that also there are of course not as more as Muslims but there are Christian and even some minor Jewish Circassians. The list is long so I couldn't write all of them. These are not personal chooses but the identity descriptions of groups or communities or organizations they belong to. Because of that there a lot of small organizations whose members are not generally more than 2 or 3 thousand. These are the lucky and hardworking ones, because there are a lot of more who can't reach these numbers.

Circassian people with different life philosophies gather and constitute groups and later turned into organizations. While gathering and getting larger, they also construct a Circassia and a Circassian Life Style in their minds. They write their own books, they choose some customs which is proper to their own life philosophy, they wear in certain clothes, they spoke in certain self created languages with certain words. Some of them banned “İslam”, some others “Socializm”, some others “Nationalizm”... And they need also get some truthness about their opinion from the past, so they did and taught and support their own historians who write and read the Circassian history with the view of their community philosophies. So they don't like each other much and they claim themselves as real Circassians. They comments the past and present events and opinions so differently that sometimes you can not aware that they belong to the same history and race.

These Circassian groups and their supporters have created virtual Circassias and Circassian people descriptions in their community philosopies. And what is funny, our brothers live in the homeland are not even aware of these virtual Circassias. I am not sure about what will their reactions be about them!

Some young generation supports these different communities, but some others completely ignore these differences and they also create another community, sometimes by disobeying the olds which is not normal considering our strong and solid customs. They also express themselves as rebirth of Circassian community. They try to learn their language, customs and they are very active in social activities. You could only see the Circassian dances only in weddings before but these young groups can dance anywhere, even in the middle of a street by ignoring the others' surprised glances. They say only in this way they can introduce and popularize Circassian people and culture to others. Some olds clapp them with tears in their eyes, but some others express their anger on every platform.

All of the groups mentioned above try to their best. They work hard but they their suceess is generally small and ignored by other communities. Why? They have to work much as their participants' number is not enough, their success is not big, because the numbers of the participants' number is not big.

Also there is another group, who completely takes themselves back to fed up with this mess.

So I hope you understand the main point. There is only one real Circassia and I hope one day we will live there. But how it can be possible to go and live there in peace with lots of Circassians in our minds. We can not go there TOGETHER with these different and opposite Circassias in our minds, even if we managed this, we could not live in peace TOGETHER. As a last sentence for all the Circassians from a famous (for me but I don't know if he is famous enough for the others) intellectual, K. JABAĞ by looking at us from the past: “Don't discuss the opinions, ideas, problems ... which are related to whole sociality by taking yourself back and secretly.

Kenugi J. UBYKH

September 3, 2009

We are so few that WE can not be an ENEMY to each other

The World War III broke out in internet (especially in Facebook). This is probably the first of as a virtual but the third one of the World War. Facebook and internet is really nationalist these days. From nearly every country with really different ideas and opinions are fighting (sometimes mercilessly) in this virtual battleground. Virtual leaders are leading virtual groups to win a virtual victory. Internet was a vehicle of entertainment ten or fifteen years ago, but not anymore.

So what about Circassian virtual popularity? What are they doing in this battleground?
Firstly it must be implied that nothing has been more benefical than internet during our long history. It gives us a great chance to communicate with each other in different countries in Diaspora countries and homeland, dear Circassia. With the help of this magic wire we are able to pass the country borders without any question or passport. Lots of people find their relatives in the homeland and they chat with them although they are thousands of kilometres away with each other. We can reach Circassia whenever we want, with little effort, and free. The terrible waves of Blacksea and the high mountains of Circassia is not very disappointing anymore. Or we can visit (of course “virtually”) our cousins in other Diaspora countries. We are able to tell our grandfathers and our stories to each other. We are able to make virtual campains on the way of returning the home. We don't have to go kilometres to read a book, just click on a Circassian Website and read and learn whatever you want. CIRSSASIA IS NEARER VIRTUALLY THAN PHYSICALLY.

There is also some similarities between the virtual and physical world. In both of them the numbers are very important. The more people say something as “true”, the more people accept it as “true”. So the truth depends on the numbers of the mouths it uttered. And please be carefull these virtual truths turns to phycial truths in the real world. And the virtual groups are turning to physical groups these days.

As always happened in our history again the green valleys and mountains of Circassia are changing their colour to red. And the virtual worlds members and leaders are all -without any exception- impliying the importance of U-N-I-T-Y (the blanks between the letters are the blanks we couldn't destroy yet). The Circassian News Websites are informing us daily how many people (mainly Circassian) died yesterday. Everyday average 4 or 5 death. Chechen people died and dying, S.Osetians and Abkhazians are waiting for the next violence of Georgia by not forgetting the last year and before. Also the foreign journalists and politicians are declaring their ideas. Some people say that the Chechen mücahidans are right and that is the spirit of Circassia. Some others say that Abkhazians and S. Osetians can only be free with the help of Russian Government. Some Circassians still see Russia as a big enemy, some others see them only and a new friend. We are angry with the Russian army when bombs the Chechen people but we also thank them when they protect the innocent people of Abkhazia and S. Osetia from the violence of Georgia. But from the otherside some Georgian people say that they are fighting against Russian army like Chechens and they support the Chechens' war against the Russia. And also some of the Diaspora people sometimes support Chechen and sometimes Abkhazians and S. Osetians. And sometimes very serious sentences are said against each other in very rude manners. What a puzzle! What a difficult choosing for all of us! Who is right? Which side has Circassian soul and needs to be supported?

I haven't got enough courage to answer these questions. And I don't want to answer. I can only say that this situation is the most critical situation we had after the exile. If we really want to be UNITED, at first (basically) our friends and enemies must be same. I mean we must discuss on the real enemies and friends of Circassian people in more calm environments and in a more calmly manners. Our duty mustn't be to be a supporter of any side. OUR DUTY MUST BE TO TRY TO MAINTAIN PEACE BETWEEN SIDES. BECAUSE, REMEMBER, ALL THE SIDES ARE CIRCASSIANS AND LOSING OF ANY SIDE IS LOSING OF PART OF CIRCASSIA. Not only the groups leaders' but also every members of this virtual world have the responsibility of maintaining the peace among all Circassians. I DON'T WANT TO BE AN ENEMY OF/TO ANY CIRCASSIAN PEOPLE I JUST WANT TO BE A FRIEND OF/TO EVERY PEOPLE OF MY DEAR CIRCASSIA. And we are so few that we can not be an enemy to each other in a virtual and physical world.

Kenugi J. UBYKH