September 19, 2009

In the Kingdom of BLINDS

As I have mentioned in former post, there are still some DELIBERATLY forgotten parts and people in this modern (!) and civilized(!) world. Fifty or more years before, it was really difficult to be awared of the developments and events in the other parts of the world. The only sources for news were some weekly (later daily) newspapers and governments' formal broadcasting equipments, radios (as huge as a fridge today) and black-white TVs. The radios and TVs were controlled by the governments of countries and aimed to publish the news of pre-decided, pre-commented and pre-censored by the serious looking sivil servants of the governments. So, people were forced to believe only these facts offered intentionally by others. Broadcasting was very expensive and only governments had this luxuary (but ofcourse by the help of citizens' taxes) for the future of their nations. But, newspapers and journalists' situation was entirely different from other rivals. It was not very expensive and journalists didn't use to care much about the money in those days. Most of them believed and lived themselves as volunteers to be a leader on the way to the freedom of informing others without the pressure of any power. In those days a good journalist had to be - first of all - a brave person who had to accept the risk of being killed, to be put into prison, or at least to be investigated by the sivil servants in black suits of governments. Most of their lives were poor, but people believed in and trusted them and their news. Their opportunities were very limited and sometimes you got the news after four or five days, but nearly all the things they pressed were true. The most terrible penalty for a good journalist was not to be able to sell enough his/her papers. And the thrustworthy and brave news were the only reason of the increasing of their selling ratio. The rich journalists were ignored by every reader and if a journalist had been a bit richer than avarage life standarts, he should have concealed it.

With the developments in technology, and decreased broadcasting costs, and TVs not being thought a luxuary anymore, the colured broadcasting equipments had a victory against radios and newspapers. The power of TVs ended with the magic of the modern world, the Internet. Most of the people prefer and say the Internet as the initial source of news. The decreasing ratings and the incomes of advertisements of TVs prove the reality of this theory. This was a big headache for the governments. It was a real challenge against the authority of governments. The Internet has no limits and borders except the limits and border of the user. Millions of computers (users' brains and thoughts) are connected to each other to learn more. It was the irresistible declaration of a new global kingdom. This kingdom is established voluntarily and governed by millioms of kings and queens. In this kingdom so much oppurtunities are offered that I am sure governments will have to create a ministry for Internet affairs of their people and country.

Today governments are jealous of this power and try to demolish this global kingdom. Some countries have already banned their citizens to connect the foreign web service hosts. They try to give an impression of “our eyes are on you”. So, the internet and users are not very brave as they were at first. The big server hosts have begun to declare their own kingdom's law and banned some of their users with the accusation of provocative or illegal affairs, sharings, .. etc. under the pressure of the risk of being banned by governments which means losing a lot of money and efforts. A non-written but known global internet laws are being constituted under these old-fashioned pressures. Considering the history of news publishment, we need brave journalist (or web admins) to provide us the real truths once more time. We, the global citiziens of this kingdom, deserves the news not being censored or pre-commented before. We deserve the bare and simple FACTS without the view of any political or governmental effects. I hope later they don't sell computers to the users with a licence and with the list which shows you the connectable web servers. Or they may even employ the internet user policemen whose main job is to be near you (physically) while on the Internet surfing.

Some important news on Circassia and Circassians unfortunately can't take place not only on TVs but also on the websites. I don't mention much about the newspapers, because lots of people already have ignored them. There are only a few Circassian websites who are trying to publish news. Even they are afraid of something to say the forbidden words (freedom, genocide, unity, independence). Not others but the (so-called) Circassian web admins ban their users to say, talk about or imply those forbidden words. They declare themselves as the voice of Circassians and they are. They are as silent as our ancestors bodies under the ground, with only a small differance of being alive. Our ancestors were really brave during, before and after the Great War on the battlegrounds. They were so brave that they were killed till only the children, women, and olds who could not defend themselves were alive. They did the best of whatever they could do. And if we are proud and famous and thought to be brave, this is not because of us but because of being their grandsons and daughters. We are called as the grandsons of Shamil. So, we are just enjoying the fame of our elders, not ours. Today the battleground is the Internet. Today the bullets are words. Today the war horses are mouses and keyboards. Today the leaders are web admins. We are fighting for not being disappeared forever. And in this fight the most important leaders we need are the brave news workers. They must always think of the importance of their duties which they have accepted willingly. It is clear that they will have lots of problems like the journalists mentioned above. They won't be rich and always have some economical problems. They will be ignored by the fortune owners. They will be questioned harmly by the Circassian dance and music fans. They will be accused of spoiling of the comfortable of Circassians life styles...

These are the normal and possible outcomes of demanding recovering a culture, a nation and raise to the level of their forgotten grandparents and their life philosophies, which must be accepted happly and without complaining as our elders didn't complain in the battlegrounds in more difficult situations. We are not ecpecting you to be as brave as Shamil, but at least try to be as brave as his enemies. We are not ecpecting you to be real grandsons of elders but at least pretend to be. If you are not brave enough to take the responsibility of being a leader, forget and leave it not to decrease the fame of our elders.

Unfortunately our communities have began to turn into a BLINDS' KINGDOM. We are not able to find leaders with two eyes, but this famous people deserves at least a leader with one eye to be a king who will tell and show us what is really happening.

In the Kingdom of the Blind, the Man with One Eye Is King (Greek Proverb)

kenugi J. UBYKH

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