September 17, 2009

Not only Diaspora but also The Whole World needs a BIG CHANGE

The black people of the black land, Africa is suffering from the starvation. They are so poor that they can't feed their own people. They spend all of their insufficient money on armament to kill each other that there is no more money for their children. Their land is not poor, but they are poor because of some known reasons. Small children, nearly 13 or 14 (sometimes even 10) years old are forced to play the war game with their blood. They are forced to choose guns to kill their friends instead of pencil to write. AND THOSE PEOPLE LIVE IN A (DELIBARETLY) FORGOTTEN PART OF THE WORLD.

Native Americans, Indians, were the real owner of the America Land till the white men brought them freedom and civilization. Thanks to the whiteman, They are really so free that their spirit can travel anywhere and anytime without fear although thousands of their bodies lay under the ground with bullets in their bodies and skull. The white man killed them, occupied their lands, and moreover made films to show how they are barbarian and wild creatures who lots of times deserves to be killed mercilessly. There are still (I don't know how but still) 20.000 Native Americans live in special area. Sometimes we say and hear the meaningful proverbs of these barbarians and we try to find out how a barbarian people can produce such peacefull, thoughfull and civilized proverbs. AND THOSE PEOPLE LIVE IN A (DELIBARETLY) FORGOTTEN PART OF THE WORLD.

Big countries, like England, U.S.A., Russia ... have begun a new (secret (!)) struggle in the emptinies of the North Pole. There is nothing there, only millions of tones of frozen water, penguens, white bears, and some other animals. But, later it is said that the main reason of this race to occupite that part of the world is just the rich reserve of oil. They call this place empty, because the animals called there, are not important things to be taken into account in the modern civilized world. Sometimes the Greenpeace organization makes some activities to save this part of the world. They show us the baby animals with the slogans, “Don't kill me!”. But, nobody (even the Greenpeace) didn't mention much about the people who lived there once said their numbers by thousands. They were called “Eskimos”. They were once living there by their own and harmlessly to the modern world till the Denmark government asked them to live that area in an ungentle way. They were so ungentle that lots of them died while moving from their land to another place. They still live in their new home(!) by telling the stories of their ancestors to their new generation. AND THOSE PEOPLE LIVE IN A (DELIBARETLY) FORGOTTEN PART OF THE WORLD.

Although Australia is a country where is always sunny and dry and because of which generally consists of large deserts, the people live in there are as white as a moonlight. They are generally blonde with coloured eyes and white skins. I have never seen a black skinned people from Australia. It is really very astonishing. That's why the others living in hot areas like Africa, Middle East ..etc generally have black or nearly black coloured skins. But, Australians are not. Sorry, I made a big mistake. They have also black coloured skins. They are called as Aborigènes. They are as black as a piece of coal. They live in the deserts by themselves and in peace in natura. The white ones mentioned above are the European people moved there a century ago and stayed (by ofcourse asking the Aborigènes gently to live their homes immediately). There are still some Aborigènes living there. AND THOSE PEOPLE LIVE IN A (DELIBARETLY) FORGOTTEN PART OF THE WORLD.

And also there are some people living in different parts of the world in small areas. They are called as “refugees”. But what does this word mean? I haven't heart anything about them like the rest of the world. Are they a nation? Or a tribe? Who are they? So, I tried to learn something about this mysterious people and their life style. And I found out that “Refugee” means “someone who has been forced to leave their country, especially during a war, or for political or religious reasons”. They live in refugee camps. They are also fighting with starvation (amazing creatures, even the baby ones, who can live without eating anything for days) but not necessarily live in Africa. Most of their people killed, but they are not Native Americans or Eskimoos. Most of their skin is white but the colour of their destiny is as black as Aborigènes. They are a kind of humanbeing who have absolutely a terrible past and suspicous future. They know very well where they came from but not know anything about where they should go. AND THOSE PEOPLE LIVE IN SMALL (DELIBARETLY) FORGOTTEN PARTS OF THE WORLD.

As a summary, lots of illegal and barbarious things happened on the earth by some people to others. We know very well some of them like Hitler ... etc, But, the modern and civilized world needs someone brave enough to say the names of the other Hitlers. It is too late to do something unfortunately for Native Americans, Eskimos and Aborigènes. But, you know very well that there are lots of refugees in every country of the world and it is not too late to do something fortunately. Yes, it is true that Circassian people, living in different countries, the so-called brothers of these people have forgotten them, but the humanbeings of this beautiful planet must do something for them immediately before it is too late. I don't know if the history forgive us for the things which we must do but not, but these people will never forgive us. And pray to Allah for days and nights to be lukcy not to run into any of them on the Day of Judgment.

Kenugi J. UBYKH

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