September 12, 2009

OUR COMING is as difficult as OUR GOING

When we left our homeland, we also left some of our friends, our cemeteries, our lands, our houses, our fruit gardens, our forests ... etc. We were able to bring only our stories, and our Circassian soul. Now as people living in Diaspora, when we leave here and COME BACK (“go” is not a good word when you refer to something about homeland), we will also leave some of our friends, our cemeteries, our lands, our houses, our fruit gardens, our forests ... etc. We will be able to only bring our stories and our Circassian soul. Our coming will be as difficult as going. Our going was in sadness but our coming will be in happiness.

Our ancestors didn't leave their countries with the intention of living in another country till the end. We fought (and are fighting) to defend our country and our people. During the bloody and brave war, nearly most of the male people were killed, Even some very old people (100 years old) were the last ones killed while trying to defend a fruit tree in the last one. The male population were nearly destroyed in a few years. The rest were too olds, females and small children who wouldn't have been able to defend themselves. When they left the homeland with the force of Russians, the main idea was not to give up the idea of living in homeland forever or to live in Diaspora countries forever. They went not to be destroyed completely and gain power and come back stronger. Their plan was the only thing which could be done in those days.

And they left their homeland but never left the idea of coming back. Even during the Ottoman Empires, they tried to take back for a few times. Even once they achieved it and they established the the Independent and United North Circassia. Our grandfathers always wished and had hope of coming back. They lived in Diaspora countries but their mind were always in Circassia.

The first step of their plan was undoubtedly a great success. We are more stronger in Diaspora countries today, our population has increased rapidly. Most of us had a wealthy life. I mean we live better than here than Circassia considering the economic powers.

When we first came back to Diaspora, life was really hard for Circassian people who were used to living highlands (because of which Russians called them “Highlanders”) to live in lowlands. So they also died because of some infectious diseases which they were not much familiar with in highlands of Circassia. Most of them immigrated again to highlands. They had problems lots of times with the native people. They were the last ones and the former ones were not very willing to accept the newcomers whose clothes, languages, traditions were entirely different. Our going into exile was not an easy one, but also our first years in Diaspora wasn't the easy one. But they never complained anything in Diaspora, because they knew very well that there was not their homeland, they were just visiting their neighbours and one day they would come back.

Today some of our friends have begun to put into words some of their complaints to local governments which is not normal considering our grandparents. The problem is causing by the changing the idea of being “visitor” and “host”. We were visitors and to show protest activities to our hosts was not proper considering the Circassian traditions. Today we think ourselves as host of these lands, so we want some rights as host. This changing idea – in my opinion – helps us to understand how much we have forgotten our ancestors great plan.

The forgetful operators of the second step, I want to make you an announcement. Our war began centuries ago to save our country was (is) not over, we withdrawed and gained power and now it is your time. Your time to come back stronger and help your people living in Circassia to live freely, and it is time for you to help yourself to live as a Circassian in your homeland as hosts. It is your time to finish the long-term war which is a heritage of our ancestors who not only left us dances, joy .. etc as an inheritance but also this war. Our ancestors got round trip tickets. And they gave all of us one of them. And it is time for all of us to use this return tickets not one day but today before the vehicles leave the station. And don't forget you are a visitor, so don't try to get your hosts rights which are not belong to you in these foreign lands.

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