September 3, 2009

We are so few that WE can not be an ENEMY to each other

The World War III broke out in internet (especially in Facebook). This is probably the first of as a virtual but the third one of the World War. Facebook and internet is really nationalist these days. From nearly every country with really different ideas and opinions are fighting (sometimes mercilessly) in this virtual battleground. Virtual leaders are leading virtual groups to win a virtual victory. Internet was a vehicle of entertainment ten or fifteen years ago, but not anymore.

So what about Circassian virtual popularity? What are they doing in this battleground?
Firstly it must be implied that nothing has been more benefical than internet during our long history. It gives us a great chance to communicate with each other in different countries in Diaspora countries and homeland, dear Circassia. With the help of this magic wire we are able to pass the country borders without any question or passport. Lots of people find their relatives in the homeland and they chat with them although they are thousands of kilometres away with each other. We can reach Circassia whenever we want, with little effort, and free. The terrible waves of Blacksea and the high mountains of Circassia is not very disappointing anymore. Or we can visit (of course “virtually”) our cousins in other Diaspora countries. We are able to tell our grandfathers and our stories to each other. We are able to make virtual campains on the way of returning the home. We don't have to go kilometres to read a book, just click on a Circassian Website and read and learn whatever you want. CIRSSASIA IS NEARER VIRTUALLY THAN PHYSICALLY.

There is also some similarities between the virtual and physical world. In both of them the numbers are very important. The more people say something as “true”, the more people accept it as “true”. So the truth depends on the numbers of the mouths it uttered. And please be carefull these virtual truths turns to phycial truths in the real world. And the virtual groups are turning to physical groups these days.

As always happened in our history again the green valleys and mountains of Circassia are changing their colour to red. And the virtual worlds members and leaders are all -without any exception- impliying the importance of U-N-I-T-Y (the blanks between the letters are the blanks we couldn't destroy yet). The Circassian News Websites are informing us daily how many people (mainly Circassian) died yesterday. Everyday average 4 or 5 death. Chechen people died and dying, S.Osetians and Abkhazians are waiting for the next violence of Georgia by not forgetting the last year and before. Also the foreign journalists and politicians are declaring their ideas. Some people say that the Chechen mücahidans are right and that is the spirit of Circassia. Some others say that Abkhazians and S. Osetians can only be free with the help of Russian Government. Some Circassians still see Russia as a big enemy, some others see them only and a new friend. We are angry with the Russian army when bombs the Chechen people but we also thank them when they protect the innocent people of Abkhazia and S. Osetia from the violence of Georgia. But from the otherside some Georgian people say that they are fighting against Russian army like Chechens and they support the Chechens' war against the Russia. And also some of the Diaspora people sometimes support Chechen and sometimes Abkhazians and S. Osetians. And sometimes very serious sentences are said against each other in very rude manners. What a puzzle! What a difficult choosing for all of us! Who is right? Which side has Circassian soul and needs to be supported?

I haven't got enough courage to answer these questions. And I don't want to answer. I can only say that this situation is the most critical situation we had after the exile. If we really want to be UNITED, at first (basically) our friends and enemies must be same. I mean we must discuss on the real enemies and friends of Circassian people in more calm environments and in a more calmly manners. Our duty mustn't be to be a supporter of any side. OUR DUTY MUST BE TO TRY TO MAINTAIN PEACE BETWEEN SIDES. BECAUSE, REMEMBER, ALL THE SIDES ARE CIRCASSIANS AND LOSING OF ANY SIDE IS LOSING OF PART OF CIRCASSIA. Not only the groups leaders' but also every members of this virtual world have the responsibility of maintaining the peace among all Circassians. I DON'T WANT TO BE AN ENEMY OF/TO ANY CIRCASSIAN PEOPLE I JUST WANT TO BE A FRIEND OF/TO EVERY PEOPLE OF MY DEAR CIRCASSIA. And we are so few that we can not be an enemy to each other in a virtual and physical world.

Kenugi J. UBYKH

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