May 23, 2010

21 May 1864

Nobody cares but only a few people being aware of their culture and having loyalty to their ancestors try to organize demonstrations. In their traditional clothes and with green flags in their hands are walking and shouting through the streets. This nation, Circassians lost their candle in a deep and dark cave. They have been looking for it for generations. It is like looking or swearing through the darkness. Every year the amount of people taking place in these demonstrations are increasing, but they are still a few considering the number of people in diaspora.

Nobody cares but they are walking by shouting. They are protesting what? They say they are protesting the exile and genocide of Circassian people. They want the Russians admit their ancestors' fault. In a real modern world human-beings care even a single demonstrator. But, we are not living and never lived in a modern world, unfortunately. Our world is not green anymore, they call it as global heating, but I call it as Global Savagery. The world must be called as the Red Planet not Green.

Nobody cares but they are still holding meetings on Circassian people's pain. Every year in the 21 of May, in different parts of diaspora they goes on their annual meetings. They are trying to make hear their voice. Because of why they shout.

Nobody cares but they care and they try to get others to care what happened to their ancestors. They want to inform people about the pain of being grandsons and daughters of a exiled and demolished nation. The banners in their hands shows the great sorrows of their grandfathers and mothers. All the demonstrators just hope this years' to be different than former year. They do much but still these demonstrations are still too weak and far away getting attention of people.

They are looking for a candle (their lost people) in the deep dark cave (modern world), and they are walking and holding meetings for protesting (not only Russians but also their people who are in deep sleep for generations). Every year on 21 of May they try to be got their voice heart by not only Russians but also by their nation. They protest not only being cared by nobody but also not cared even by their nation.

The activities are better than the former years and I hope next years' will be better. The world forget the date, 21 May 1864, The year of EXILE AND GENOCIDE. But, we don't. Because, it is still bleeding and the water in the rivers of the Black Sea flowing still red.

Sincerely Yours,
Kenugi J. UBYKH

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