January 10, 2010

The Ubykh Flag

If you are looking for the Ubykh flag forget it. I think it is not exist. Most of the Circassian tribes are famous for their flag but unfortunately we don't have. But WE can.

It can be sound as a crazy idea but not. If we are really Ubykh people, then we have the right to create an Ubykh flag. It is not very complicated, difficult or impossible. Just create one and use it.

If the big war hadn't happened, and we would have been living in the Circassia, wouldn't we create one? So what is the difference?

We are still trying to find something in the history. And they are really great and valuable. I am in great respect who are doing such kind of things as a scientist or self-dedicated volunteers. But at least up to now they are not sufficient. So what should we do? Must we just wait for generations, or will we have generations to wait something like that? So we must be quick and come together. We must do something urgently. It doesn't matter right or wrong but we must do something urgently.

We must construct an Ubykh community. As we divided and goes on our lives in different parts of the world, at first this can be done in the Internet and then real world. We can try to review our language. We can support each other in every parts of life. We had a great chance in this respect, LOVE and LOYALTY. In spite of long years in different parts of the world, still when I met a new Ubykh people, we are getting closer as if we were friends for thousands of year. You can always feel love of the Ubykh people everywhere. And of course LOYALTY to our ancestors and our lands. They care each other and Circassia more than any other Circassian tribes.

As a result, we must come together urgently and goes on our lives as Ubykh people. We must establish a leading group and do something together. As much I can say WE, I will always try to establish a community.

Sincerely yours
Kenugi J. UBYKH

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