December 13, 2009

The Last Man Standing

They are still afraid of us. They have never forgotten the big power of a small nation. During the big war, the short period of unity between Circassian nations, had so much successful that it caused seven million Charis soldiers maybe more to be killed in the battlegrounds.

It was not difficult to conquer the divided nations lands. And they conquered most of the lands without much effort. But when they first met the Ubykhs, they probably never thought them as a big headache for them. The Ubykhs were brave, but wiser also to maintain a unity and brother-ship between tribes. They were probably the smallest one, but the power they got was one of the biggest Circassian lands ever had. Without the Ubykhs the big war probably would have been less bloody and shorter.

There was a strong relationship between Ottomans and European countries (especially with England) because of long period slavery, and being one of the oldest pirates of the Black Sea. They were such strong relationship between them that they even hoped some military aids till the end of war. I don't want to mention much about the reasons, but they didn't get. But, in the end they were in the lands of their brothers, in the Ottomans lands. Even in that country they made lots of partly successful attempts to get what they had once. But, unfortunately they couldn't.

Time has tried to make us forgotten those days. But, we have never forgotten. We will be in our lands with the flag of independent and united Circassians. We still have dreams at nights about victory. As far as we have these soul and dreams in our hearts and minds, they will always have FEAR in their hearts. Although we are approximately a few ten thousand on this earth, they are still carefully observe every studies on the Ubykhs, and trying to get information about us. They are afraid of us to make remember the others the source of power during the big war.

Because of which, they have some (so called) Circassians to write something ugly and not true (predecided and carefully studied so called) facts about us. They are trying to make us to be seen as selfish and coward people who betrayed his neighbors for Ottomans and Europeans. In regular periods they had such kind of things to be written or said. I just want to ask a small question. - “Yes, you may be right (of course every true Circassians (not only Ubykhs but all of the Circassian nations without any exception as a nation) says not), but what were Russian Empire's soldiers doing in the lands of Circassians?” Yes, we were the reason of honor, bravery, self-dedicated patriots, but not the reason of the dead bodies in the battle grounds killed mercilessly. Who killed thousands of children, women and olds in the villages of Circassian lands? Not the Ubykhs, but Russian Empire's soldiers.

The frequency of (predecided) written materials amount -by itself- proves how powerful we are getting. So I am more hopefull than before. Not, our children but we will get what once our grandfathers had. Till the last man standing and even he falls, our souls will be on the lands looking for the victory. We are coming and nobody can stop us. You can try to stop our bodies but you can not stop our souls!

Sincerely yours.
Kenugi J. UBYKH

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